IM Just Saying: KDGE-FM Program Director Josh Venable

Josh Venable was officially hired as the Edge’s PD today, 18 years after he started at the station as an intern. We have a brief chat about some of that after the jump. Don’t expect too much journalism. He’s my friend and I had two beers watching the U.S. beat France.

me: ok. how long has the move back been in the works?

2:10 PM

Josh: We’ve been talking for almost two months I guess. I’veen doing the job since middle of May

me: what was your favorite thing about living in L.A.?

2:11 PM

Josh: Getting to see Morrissey three times in a week

2:12 PM

me: anything else?

Josh: Is there anything else really?

2:13 PM

Yes, being here has been great actually. The station (98*7FM) is pretty amazing. I’ve learned quite a few things working with people here that I will use in Dallas.

2:15 PM

me: what are your plans now that you’re the boss?

2:16 PM

Josh: business as usual really

the station is doing well and sounds pretty spot on

I have some ideas for contests that I will be doing but there doesn’t need to be a big overhaul or anything

2:17 PM

me: ok, you can tell me who’s getting fired later.

what was the worst part about l.a.?

Josh: no Dr Pepper

no cold weather


no family

and yes

wait for it…

2:18 PM

my best friend isnt here

me: that’s what i was looking for.

Josh: one of the first questions I answered today about the move and promotion was “How happy is Zac Crain about all this”

2:19 PM

me: haha — who asked that?

Josh: seriously

it hasnt been just one person

I dont like to speak for you

but I have been

look for some weepy quotes attributed to ZC

2:20 PM

me: fair enough.

i’m sure they are more or less accurate.

Josh: more or less

me: are you ready to re-start your feud with the toadies?

2:21 PM

Josh: what?

we love each other

me: sure. i’ll play along.

2:22 PM

Josh: actually, I’ll be turning over a new leaf. The Josh you know and love who held grudges and ripped on bands on the air…he is gone. Dead and buried. I am a professional. As program director of KDGE

2:23 PM

ok fine

I will still be the same Josh

me: thought so.

Josh: I will just shave more often and have a slightly bigger office

2:24 PM

but nah the Toadies are ok in my book

me: it’s a whole new you

2:25 PM

Josh: I’m trying my best

me: think that will do. unless you have a closing statement.

2:26 PM

Josh: you can just post the Kenny Powers CEO video

2:27 PM

then a gif of me dropping a mic

me: done.


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