Glenn Beck Confirms Move to Texas, Praises Our Highway System

“There comes a time when like-minded people need to stand together,” so said Glenn Beck on his radio show this afternoon, shortly before he confirmed what had been widely reported, that he’s moving to Dallas. Actually Westlake, but, you know.

After decrying the media for printing the details of his move – (“It puts my family in jeopardy,” he says.) – he talked about his plans to build a radio/TV/film production center for his new GBTV in the Dallas area.

Why’s he coming to Texas?

“I’ve seen some of the best highways,” he says. “I claim it is the best highway system in all of America.” Which he finds curious, since we managed to build it without a state income tax.


  • BoHan

    Pretty sure the Interstate system was built with mostly Federal Money. That’s why they call it an inter – state.

  • Tom

    Just wait until he tries to get from Westlake to DFW Airport on that mess on Highways 121 and 114. Or will he just take a helicopter?

  • Justin

    Did that headline cause Patrick Kennedy’s head to explode?

  • No. Too predictable. My head would’ve exploded if he’d said the opposite.

  • joey hamm

    Best highway system? Get a grip. How ignorant can this guy be?

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    Beck’s head will explode when he learns that Socialist Stimulus money is being used on that mess that is 121 and 114.

  • Jared

    If you guys haven’t noticed Texas is a great place to live and raise a family. That’s why he’s coming. Get a grip!!!

  • Amy S

    Just wait until his new company starts paying that revised Franchise tax on his gross margin. An income tax by any other name………..

  • Bruce

    Maybe he will jam with the Jonas Brothers

  • Andrea

    I think this may be a sign of the end of times.

  • Brenda Marks

    Someone first needs to tell him he’s moving to Westlake, which is in Tarrant and Denton Counties. Not Dallas. And the road comment — just another example among millions of Beck statements that are based on nothing but the ringing between his ears.

  • Lee

    Just think how good the roads could be if the legislature did not siphon off most of the gasoline tax money for other expenses. We could have great roads.

  • Glenn is a polarizing individual and these comments reflect that. One either likes what he has to say or they vehemently oppose it with snarky comments or downright hate speech. I think that we are better than this. If I had a choice between Glenn Beck or Chris Mathews, I know which I would take…

  • Daniel

    Glenn Beck is not only a fool; actually, I guess that is all he is.

  • Granny

    There goes the neighborhood.

  • timothy

    Love Glenn Beck, may want to build in Fort Worth though. Dallas is the last liberal stronghold in all of Texas, but than again??
    Maybe you and “W” can hang out at the Rangers ballpark?

  • John

    @Lee – check your facts. The gas tax covers no where near the costs of road construction and up keep. While I agree there should be isolated revenue streams, most of our road spending has been borrowed money from deficit spending.

  • Loretta

    Love Glenn Beck. He will love living in Texas. He will be just up the road from me. It just gets really hot here in the summer months. GOD BLESS YOU GLENN. TEXAS LOVES YOU.

  • Loretta

    Just maybe, Glenn does not want people to know where in the Dallas area he is moving. I wouldnt blame him. Aholes threatening him and his family because they disagree with him… anal is that. Well, Glenn, I am a native Texan, living in the DFW metro area….a town called Lewisville. You will be about 20 minutes from me. I am sure I will never run into you…sad that….but just knowing you are living nearby makes me feel good. You are my idol. God Bless you and your family. WELCOME TO TEXAS

  • olga mason

    now i am moving to texas where men are men and woman love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck, glenn. having glenn withdrawns at 5pm. will recover so i can move there.

  • Carolyn Wilson (Houston)

    WELCOME BACK TO TEXAS, GLENN! You chose a great place to live and, having lived here before, you already know that. God bless you and your family, and thank you so much for all you do. To those of you who don’t like Glenn, don’t waste space posting your negative remarks about him here. We don’t care what you think and Glenn certainly doesn’t either, and he’ll tell you that! BTW, every highway system has its flaws, but Texas highways for the most part are pretty darn good, you morons. Try driving in some other states, make your comparisons, and then you can post an “intelligent” opinion.

  • Carolyn Wilson (Houston)

    P.S. To Tom about Glenn’s commute to DFW airport. Did you ever try driving in New York (Manhattan)? WHOA! I have and it’s no picnic, so I’m pretty sure he isn’t too concerned about the mess on Hwys 121 & 114 (ha ha). Give him credit for having “common sense”, as I’m sure this is the least of his worries. It’s not “if” he has a helicopter, it’s more like “what kind” does he have? 🙂

  • Daneil M

    Dear Brenda Marks- Westlake is in what is called the Dallas-Fort-Worth area of Texas. Did it EVER appear to you that he did not want to name the exact town so he just said Dallas? YUP he doesn’t want the lunatics of the left and assorted wanne be Communist anti-Americans harrassing his family.

    Not one leftist child in here can name ONE LIE he has ever told. Sad pathetic Brownshirt/Americorps sheep. God Bless ya Glenn. Keep on keepin on.

  • Myra J

    Texas has just become a richer state and I’m not talking gold. This guy is the real thing and makes you think if you are willing to learn. He is a great historian and teacher. God bless you Glenn and welcome from SAT. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider and come here instead? Less traffic and better food.