FBI Visits Craig Watkins’ Offices Today

It may be completely unrelated to the John Wiley Price investigation. It may totally be tied together. It could have something to do with the delay in charges or what have you regarding the Dallas County constables corruption imbroglio. Or not. Nobody’s saying at this point.

But today, the FBI visited Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins’ offices today. By the three accounts I’ve seen so far, nobody knows anything, his office isn’t responding to requests for statements, and no materials were seen being carried out by agents, apparently.



  • JFB

    This is a little off subject, but wasn’t Mr Watkins one of those “bail bond”-type attorneys in his past life?

  • Mad Maude

    Wouldn’t be funny if he and his wife already had legal representation prior to this “raid”?

  • Finally. I thought they were gonna show up last week.