Dallas County Property Tax Valuations Down …

… and Farmers Branch has the biggest decline – 3.6 percent, mostly on residential valuations. Overall, the county is down about 1.7 percent this year, which is actually good news, since the county based its 2012 budget on a drop of more than 4 percent.

But back to that Farmers Branch decline. A FrontBurnervian messaged to ask how this jibed with former Mayor Tim O’Hare’s premise that the town needed more stringent ordinances to combat illegal immigration, because an influx of undocumented aliens was driving property prices down. Was his theory incorrect, or is the fact that the ordinances are still tied up in court to blame, and O’Hare is just remarkably prescient?


  • John M

    My alternate theory is FB has a reputation for being remarkably bland to the point that I would need a very, very convincing reason as a favor to a friend to set foot in it before they started their xenophobic and racist public campaign against “illegals”. In fact, I didn’t realize it was an actual city and not a HOA or masterplanned community until they started their stupid campaign on immigration. Now do I not only find them bland but hostile towards informed and civil discussion about complicated issues and the kind of people that take extreme, damaging and knee-jerk reactions instead of such discussions.

    Surprise! Young affluent people don’t want to be a part of such communities.

  • LeoDee

    Don’t think the answer is that simple. Farmers Branch never was a white flight suburb. Everyone looked the same and shared the same conservative values. They have a large inventory of $100K+ houses. When the old while folk die they become starter homes for a lower socio-economic group. This has become very unsettling for a lot of people.

    On the other hand FB has a lot of good things to offer. Wonderful city services, reasonable taxes, great location. And, the schools are no where near as bad as some make them out to be. What is needed is an influx of more progressive minded families to turn this city around. And, a more progressive minded city council.

  • Sport

    FB has become a rental neighborhood. There are a few decent areas, but it’s mostly in decline. Old peeps, and rent houses.

  • Sammy

    “Old peeps and rent houses”

    That’s a great new real estate agent pitch.

  • BillPayer

    FB’s got trouble with a T and that rhymes with P and that stands for poor folk. But it is still the best location in the metroplex and a manageable city government. Just sayin’.

  • Keith

    I know the DMN reported Farmers Branch with the highest drop in the county of 3.6% (or 3.7 if you looked at their table) and “mostly on residential valuations.”

    However, if you actually read the numbers, the Farmers Branch residential drop was 3.29% while business personal property was down 5.94%. This is hardly “mostly on residential valuations.” In any event, Farmers Branch was not the “biggest decline” in the county as Hutchins was down 9.1% and Seagoville was down 9.4%.

    Don’t believe everything you read in the papers. Just sayin’.

  • C Jones

    Hmmm..maybe this is why Tim O’Hare is moving to Southlake… http://cityofsouthlake.websites.ariamedia.com/SiteContent/70/documents/Departments/PlanningDevServices/DAR/ZA11-028.pdf

    So much for the “RA RA” pep talk about how Farmers Branch is the greatest place on earth.