Big Rich Texas: Lost and Unreal

People Newspaper columnist Merritt Patterson has a full-blown review of Big Rich Texas (aka Texas Train Wreck of Bleach and Botox) that debuted last night on the Style Network. Someone needs to give a map to the show’s producers. The much-vaunted Woodhaven Country Club that is the “social place of Dallas” is actually in Fort Worth. The worn-out club was purchased last November by longtime member Louis Scoma Jr. At that point it had 433 members and hoped to reach a goal of 600 members and 150 social members.

Warning: We learned last night that club rules forbid profane tattoos to be visible. Heck, at this point they should take anybody who has air in their lungs.


  • Christian Iles

    I was asked to come work on the show lending my hair and makeup for the cast. The whole crew from L.A. were horrible to work with. Unfortunately, they put me in an episode. I pray that it won’t air. But if it does, please Dallas, be easy on me. I left the show right after I saw what a trainwreck it was turning out to be. Take care, The Beauty Architect

  • Great recap, Merritt.

  • Avid Reader

    “At that point it had 433 members and hoped to reach a goal of 600 members and 150 members.”


  • @Avid Reader: Thanks for pointing that out. Have inserted “social”.

  • Gina

    This show is slow and so boring… These people act like they are in 1st grade. And Dr A?, was very rude and acted like I was wasting his time! Worst botox ever! Last time at skintastics and last viewing of that show:(… Embarrassing for Dallas

  • Summer

    There are some great people in DFW–clearly the producers of this show didnt bother to try and find any of them. What a terrible show.