• AK

    Genius. The photo sums up Wade. No one touched him and he wants the refs to win the game for him. The refs let ’em play at the end. GOod for them.

  • jamal


  • jamal

    yeah, i knew that wouldn’t work. my bad.

  • Buckeye

    The game is on the line. Time is running out. What play do the Heat run? The flop. Stay classy, Miami.

  • This is fun to watch.

  • OK, so if Chris sticks his toungue out to the right, that means he’s going to the right.

  • JS

    Wade’s flop reminded me of the Lebron act during one of the Chicago games where he acted like Rose poked him in the eye when Rose hadn’t even touched him. Noah was right — the Heat are “hollywood as hell”!

  • AK

    JS: they can’t win without refs’ help. they prove that to everyone.

  • JB

    Didn’t Bibby also do the “eye Poke” thing with Brian Cardinal? The heat must have pumped themselves up for last nights game by watching tape from the other “Big Three.”