Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: June 21

Are you ready for a giant geek out over last night’s theater roundtable? Oh, good. FrontRow will have a recap for you shortly, but here’s my takeaway: SMU’s Stan Wojewodski, Jr. was entirely correct when he declared that it’s “just like this, all the time.” The questions Dallas faces about audience and support are not unique to us, and producing anything that’s not commercial is always going to be the kind of bloody uphill battle that results in plenty of casualties and no clear-cut winner. In the most simplistic of terms, a good theater company, one that survives, is two parts consistency and one part mad gambling genius. Developing a loyal, educated audience is key, but there’s a difference between pleasing and pandering. On a side note: the job of the critic is not to champion (or denigrate) any one particular play or group or artist. That being said, too much consensus amongst these pleasure-seeking individuals breeds contempt.

And now I present a very foodie Tuesday. If you have a hankering for artery-clogging goodness, make sure to find your way to Norma’s. SideDish’s Sarah Reiss has the details on the restaurant’s 55th anniversary celebration. Spoiler alert: your meal will only cost you $1.79. Which means you can definitely afford dessert.

West Village has the big to-do, however, with their annual tasting event benefiting the North Texas Food Bank. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important the food bank is to our community. Instead, I’ll just tell you that each tasting station is a dollar, which is the equivalent of providing four meals to people who’d otherwise go hungry. Grab a drink at Malai Kitchen and park yourself on their patio. Live music is pretty much a given, but this also sounds like an ideal opportunity to check out local photographer Scogin Mayo’s exhibit in the Magnolia’s upstairs gallery.

Finally, lovers of the non-Glee style mash-up should enter this FrontRow giveaway. We’ve got tickets to Thursday’s sold-out-in-seconds Girl Talk concert at the Granada.

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