Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: June 22

Dear somewhat chubby, 50ish male bicyclist wobbling mightily up Hall Street just before McKinney around 8:50 am: thanks for making my morning. I love you for your white crash-dummy helmet, your Daisy Dukes, your otherwise entire lack of clothing, and the fact that, judging from the eight CVS bags looped over your handlebars, you seem to do all your shopping at a pharmacy. Is it too early to declare this guy the winner of my annual Sexy Summer Cyclist contest? I realize it’s still only June.

The Texas Theatre must be feeling the warm fuzzies for our English-speaking friends across the pond. I frequently do. But they’ve gone so far as to import the UK Film Council’s six-movie series, From Britain With Love, that will last through next Monday. It’s all indie flicks that normally wouldn’t make it stateside, and the Texas Theatre is the only place around you can see them. I hear good things. First up tonight is Toast, a coming of age tale adapted from London Observer food columnist Nigel Slater’s memoir of the same name (By the way, when is someone going to buy the rights to Born Round?). Should you desire to make it a veddy British double feature, they’ll also be showing the 1987 black comedy Withnail and I. There’s a character named Uncle Monty, so obviously I’m intrigued. It’s not part of the UK series, just a bonus. 

Elsewhere in Oak Cliff, the Kessler hosts San Antonio singer/songwriter Vanessa Lively. My mom actually alerted me to Lively’s music because, as a bilingual person often mistaken for a native speaker, she really enjoys artists who sing in both English and Spanish. So do I, for that matter. Pretentious declaration alert: I only listen to Shakira’s Spanish language albums because she’s just that much better in her native tongue. Anyway, I’m down for this tonight because for once the Kessler’s ticket price is conducive to taking a risk on a performance by someone who’s still relatively unknown. If she’s great live, awesome. If not, I’m only out five bucks.

And if you haven’t already, nominate the hottest lady in your life for our 10 Most Beautiful contest. We promise she’ll be flattered– as long as you’re judicious in your photo choice.

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  • smeyers

    A sexy bicyclist contest…w/ pics?