The Most Beautiful Piece About a Fiberglass Backboard You Will Ever Read

It’s by Bryan Curtis, and it’s up today at ESPN’s new Grantland site. (And it even makes you like Skip Bayless, a little bit, somehow.) The lede:

When I was 11 years old, my dad died – killed himself, in fact, while sitting in a van in our driveway. Our home in Texas filled with sympathy gifts. Mom got flowers and a new microwave. A few months later, an uncle arrived from Albuquerque and built me a basketball hoop on the opposite end of the driveway. The hoop’s backboard was made of fiberglass. There was an NBA logo in the lower left-hand corner. Over the next five years, that fiberglass backboard and I became fabulous teammates, like Ro Blackman and Derek Harper, and partners in a fierce existential struggle. If I’m picking a sports hero from childhood who deserves a profile … Jim Jackson … Alvin Harper … nope, I’ll go with the backboard.


  • Rico

    Excellent find Mr. Crain. Thank you.

  • yvonne

    Zac this is a beautiful story and I wrote Bryan and told him how much I loved it and I received a reply in 15 minutes.. what a great story and with all my work with Suicide and Crisis Center and losing a son I related that the beautiful things are in your heart and you never lose them.. our backboard in our yard got to me everytime I looked at it knowing that Paul had hit it “a few times” and opening of the Rangers 1st home game… when he never missed – life is what you make it and Bryan made his filled with love.

    thanks for the post… as Rico said Excellent find.

  • B. L. Powell

    Amazing. Thanks, Zac.