Steve Blow and Morning News Sued Over Column About Suicide

I’ll let Big Bob give you the details, because he’s the one who found them. But it seems to me like grieving parents lashing out in the wrong direction. (Problem for the Morning News, though, is that a jury — if it goes that far — just might side with those grieving parents.)


  • Daniel

    This is what Grammy Blow used to call “a bunch of bullshit.”

  • allison

    I’m sure he’ll golly gee whiz his way out of this one. Maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky there will be settlement calling for his exit.

  • jobu

    A. Steve Blow didn’t name the kid he was talking about.
    B. How do the parents know their son didn’t suffer from mental illness?
    C. Blow never suggested that the parents were to blame for the kid’s death.

    Sorry for the parents’ grief, but there’s simply not a lot of merit to this case.

  • amanda

    If someone is not named, but is described to a degree that someone can reasonably determine the identity, it’s a problem for the DMN. The problem here? It seems that many, if not most kids in the private school circle knew about the boy’s tragic death (the actual circumstance.) Couple that with the online obits, and amateur sleuths, and it was clear who the child and parents are. I do agree that this is misdirected at the DMN. And, as jobu pointed out, Blow didn’t blame the parents. Seems like a gray area to me.

  • Blow’s effort was to get us talking about one of our deepest and darkest fears involving family. That’s a noble effort and one that should be embraced by everyone.

    The family in the story was devastated of course by the loss of a son. Instead of embracing the attitude of those like Blow they chose instead to go another route, a route often traveled by the way.

    The publicity from their decision hopefully will deter others from following the same path. Even if litigation proves profitable. I wish them peace.

  • toby

    misplaced grief by the parents. Chasing dough by the attorneys. I vote to dismiss. All in favor?

  • jerseyshorenuff

    As the parent of a teenage boy I feel for the
    Tatums–I cannot imagine the pain that they have felt since Paul’s death. Changing the manner of death did nothing to stop the rumors of suicide. We had heard that it was a suicide by car from the very beginning.