Maurine Dickey Just Needs to Hush

Listen, I may have poked fun at the Great Bobo Outburst of Twenty Aught Eleven, but I have a bone to pick (actually, two) with Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey.

For one, I take issue with the idea that a FBI raid on John Wiley Price’s offices and home is a “happy day for Dallas County.” No. No it is not. Anytime a public servant is investigated by the federal government, it is not a good or happy thing for his or her constituents. At best, it means a distraction from doing the business of the county. At worst, it means that he or she screwed over his or her constituents. I would posit that is the exact opposite of happy, because either way there is a long-reaching, long-living mess left to clean up.

And secondly, throwing Mike Cantrell under the bus when you’re a) not an FBI spokeswoman or b) a county spokesperson is just not classy. In fact, it can’t even aspire to be klassy. As it turns out, he was not raided. He’s not part of the investigation.

You can disagree with people and their politics. You can differ ideologically. But to display on a personal level the vitriol this commissioner’s court does to each other is a primary example of why the same commissioners are elected every election season – nobody else wants to sign up for this. You want a better class of coworkers? Try being a better class of commissioner.


  • Keith

    “At worst, it means that he or she screwed over his or her constituents.”

    Is it okay if we “constituents” dance in the streets though?

  • iluvD

    I agree with some of what you’re saying, but it is a good thing if justice is served. The political animal that is we humans’ is prone to err…hence why we have checks and balances to ensure the constituents are served as best as humanly possible. Folks are gonna screw up(politicians are no exception). Harry Truman said it best, “i’d either been a piano player in a whore house or a politician!”.

  • Bethany Anderson

    I do not have a problem with justice being served. Read carefully – I do have a problem with Maurine Dickey’s reaction.

  • CraigT

    While her word play may not have been beyond reproach i have to agree with the sentiment.
    If one politician has had his corruption and greed go unchecked for decades, then when something is finally done about it then there is cause for celebration.
    Price, with his corruption, greed, and race baiting politics is a cancer. While chemotherapy is no cause for dancing in the streets it is preferable to letting the cancer grow unchecked.

  • I agree Bethany. I am no fan of JWP however, she is acting like we just won City of the Year.

  • iluvD

    Maurine is a politician, first and foremost, and with that being said, is going to sensationalize. JWP has been a thorn in the side of Dallas politics moving forward in a positive(especially his South Dallas constituents) for some time. I believe over anyone it is their(S.Dallas residents) day to shine(that being if anything is brought to light). If not…then back to business he shall go. Politics can get us heated as I can tell in your snarky response.

  • BrandonS

    Fan or not, she is a colleague and peer of JWP and it is inappropriate for her to react the way she has, on this Day 1 of some Federal investigation that is unfolding as we speak!

  • Doug

    For one, I take issue with the idea that a FBI raid on John Wiley Price’s offices and home is a “happy day for Dallas County.” No. No it is not.

    Yes, yes it is. Anytime a corrupt pol gets what’s coming to him or her it’s a very good day and it should be velebrated, in fact, i’m kinda hoping Mark Cuban will spring for a parade. What was not a very good day was the 3 decades JWP got away with being corrupt.

  • Doug

    Erm, celebrated. Some things should velebrated of course, but not in public.


    It is a wonderful day for the citizens of Dallas, one of the cities biggest criminals is finally being taken down.

  • Rick P

    Bethany, you gotta love someone who speaks from the heart about John Wiley. Bet part of it is that Troy Dungan wants his bowties back…John Wiley will look nice in bright orange should it come to that. The facts are John Wiley is not getting a free ride because he is John Wiley Price. Days for celebrities, politicians and others getting a free ride are over. If he did break the law he will be tried and let the judge or jury decide his fate. If not, then he continues on as John Wiley which is actually more of a punishment.

  • tinkerbell

    While I am disappointed with Dickey’s lack of professionalism and decorum, I do agree with the sentiment. Having worked on several mayoral and bond elections in Dallas/Dallas county during the past 10 years, I can tell you it was no secret how things were run in South Dallas. The “consultant” fees paid to Nealy and many others controlled by Price were appalling, but if you didn’t pay up, your opponent would. It was really just a matter of who got to them first, promised them the most, and wrote the biggest check. Truly disheartening considering these were the people who were the so-called champions of South Dallas.

  • Dmar

    Between the Mavericks NBA title and JWP finally being exposed as the crook we all know he is/was, this is shaping up to be one the most glorious months in Dallas history.

  • Screw that line of thinking. Dickey is an elected official. They don’t *need* a spokesperson. She made off-the-cuff remarks, yes, and they were silly.

    I think the FBI needs to do even more! Not just the Democratic ones, but all of them.

    Anyone who disagrees that this was a long time coming for JWP is mentally unstable.

    It’s definitely a happy time for justice that the FBI actually does this sorta thing (a lot of their work doesn’t get the local media whipped up.)

  • …and anyone who thinks JWP is going to see a jail cell again — specifically, a federal one, is mistaken.

  • Senor

    Well said, Bethany.

  • I will wait for indictments to be handed down before celebratin’.

  • Wes Mantooth

    It must be due to the black hole of information effect that surrounds JWP that nobody is rushing in to defend his integrity and innocence. In my limited experience, the FBI does not conduct these kind of raids unless the fish is already hooked and practically on the boat. Odds that this is a spin-off from the City Hall corruption convictions? Which little birdie has been singing?

    OTOH, Ms. Dickey: bad form. No need to spike the football. Just toss it to the ref and act like you’ve been there before.

  • …and anyone who thinks JWP is going to see a jail cell again – specifically, a federal one, is mistaken.

    Two words. Don. Hill.

  • marisa

    Bring on the JWP indictments. They are long over due. He can wear the orange jumpsuit along with Hill and the rest of them that have been corrupt. Big high five to the FBI. As for Maurine she might want to think twice before speaking and not lower herself to JWP level of thinking and acting.

  • Guys, dig into the probate court corruption! “my man downtown,” Brandon P. Reed, has been exposing JWP’s dealings with the probate courts for months and months and months.

  • You dance and sing after conviction.

    Anytime a pol faces the pokey it’s a good time.

  • Ruth A King

    I like Ms Dickey. She has a way with words. Sometimes God gives us verbal talent just for a time like this!

  • d

    not to worry, his constituments will still vote him into office anyway.

  • TMickle

    Maurine Dickey is confused and crazy — she lies ….has no clue.

  • Dave

    “I do not have a problem with justice being served. Read carefully — I do have a problem with Maurine Dickey’s reaction.”

    You could have fooled me:

    “Anytime a public servant is investigated by the federal government, it is not a good or happy thing for his or her constituents.”

  • Neal

    @TMickle: “Maurine Dickey is confused and crazy – she lies ….has no clue.”

    This is the closest thing I’ve seen to a defense of JWP all day.

  • Bethany Anderson

    Dave, I don’t know how you get that I have a problem with justice being served from that statement.

  • Buff

    You’ve neglected to mention a third possibility: that today’s search warrants mark the first step in ridding Dallas County of yet another corrupt politician. And that, Bethany, is a happy day!

  • Dallas County Commissioner’s court… where Cactus Juice meets BBQ Sauce.

  • Mickey

    Can I aks why we can’t be overjoyed by this news????

  • PAR

    “Anytime a public servant is investigated by the federal government, it is not a good or happy thing for his or her constituents.”

    Depends on if justice is served doesn’t it. How does justice connect with can not conduct business as usual while under investigation. Should not be a problem if all is above suspicion.

    As a native Dallasite I am amazed at the blind loyalty ( business as usual “Our Man Downtown”, to such corruption as JWP has
    displayed for years.

  • Dawn

    “Public servant”? You’ve got to be kidding. Price serves no one but himself.

  • Charles

    Personally glad JWP is about to go down. The man is unprofessional as can be – his racist tirade in the council room is a testimony to this assessment.

    I have a feeling that JWP is the tip of the corruption ice berg…

  • KLB

    Thank you, Bethany. I had the very same reaction about Maurine Dickey’s behavior on camera yesterday. Incredibly unprofessional, inappropriate and downright immature; completely changed my thinking about her — no matter WHAT I think about JWP.

  • Jessica

    I do not have a problem with Maurine Dickey’s comment. As far as it being unprofessional, no more so than when JWP said, ” All you whites can go to hell.”

    He’s a total thug and has been for 27 years. I remember when he used to stomp around Northwest Hwy. carrying signs that said, “No Justice, No Peace.” Guess what, we haven’t had any, but it looks like that’s going to change.

  • Kim

    Maurine Dickey only said what everyone else thought.

  • welsh

    You guys are really missing the lead. Cantrell conspried with Price to keep Cantrell’s seat safe. It was underhanded and now Cantrell entirely owned by JWP. Dickey may be a loudmouth but Cantrell has turned his back on his supporters and that is much, much worse.

  • KLB

    Dave, Jessica, et al. – You’re not getting the point here: that Maurine Dickey’s own unprofessional behavior just adds to the problem, serving to lower the stature and damage the credibility of our entire county government and its commissioners court.

  • Jill

    Other than about (50) supporters on a sad little FB page, no one seems to be standing with Price. But then, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. If we thought he was a local joke, wait until the national news picks up on this.

  • Heather

    It is a great day for Dallas. Any day that gets corrupt officials out of office, is a GREAT DAY FOR DALLAS!!!!!

  • RT

    @KLB….Let’s stop focusing on Ms. Dickey’s behavior and look at JWP. Ms. Dickey is not the one being investigated. To try and take the spotlight off of JWP and create a conversation about MD’s comments is not the point. The point is JWP is finally getting called out and as usual everyone is pointing their finger at everyone him.

  • Jessica

    The story has hit the Washington Post Blog, thank you Jesus! Maybe, someone will pick up on it and it will hit the national news.

    We’ve known about his behavior for years, now the country will.

    Thank you, Maurine Dickey – I love Dickey’s Bar-b-Que and you too!

  • james

    After all we’ve tried, after Don Hill, after the antics of Dwayne Caraway, after JWP and now the vicious gloating of that white woman Maureen Dickey, is there a lesson we can finally, finally learn from all this?

    I think there is, and I think you all know what it is, too, no matter how timid you may be to speak the words that must be spoken if integrity is ever to return to race and to Dallas itself.

    There is only one black person smart enough to justly represent the citizens of Dallas, particularly the black citizens of south Dallas, and that black person is Jim Schutze.

    There, I’ve said it. Now it’s up to you all to help us make it so.

  • Kim

    @James – Why is Maureen Dickey “that white woman” and nowhere do you refer to JWP as “that black man.”

    Geez, just lock the loser up and let’s elect some real leaders in this city.

  • KLB

    RT: Uhhhh…. This blog post of Bethany’s is ABOUT Maurine Dickey’s behavior. No one is defending JWP. YOU are the one who is off-topic here.

  • G. Lofton

    Support Project D.E.A.D.

  • kris



  • kris


    up to this point JWP fails in comparison to the top race baiters on the Left

    should they happen to find JWP with some damaging evidence that even Eric Holder CANT COVER-UP, YES IT WILL TRUELY BE NATIONAL NEWS WORTHY

  • Towski


    With all due respect, I think you are looking for somewhere like this:

    A more appropriate venue for the type of political discussion you seem interested in.



  • kris


    Fearing my thoughts shows little on your part

    JWP and politics goes together like you and censorship

  • GuiltyBystander

    Good job with this, Bethany. Too bad a number of commenters on this are Just Plain Stoopid. Jeez, folks. READ WHAT SHE WROTE … THEN GO BACK AND READ IT AGAIN. If you can’t understand her point, I’ve got a 2by4 that I can whack you upside the head with.
    Bethany made the point that the fact that (another) elected official apparently has been scamming the system is not good for our Fair Burg/County. And that Maurine Dickey needs to drink a tall glass of STFU.
    Let’s face it: These are the idiots that have been elected so apparently we’re the idiots who voted for ’em.

  • Towski


    I’m not trying to censor you, and I certainly don’t fear your thoughts, poorly formed as they might be.

    I was merely attempting to provide an outlet for you, as someone who clearly likes to argue politics, and clearly feels like they have something to say. I go to that forum an argue politics myself.



  • Sarah

    It’s beginning to look like national political racial divides are permeating the political landscape of Dallas. We all are now aware that Maurine Dickey is an unhappy soul….there’s no doubt about it. And anyone who has a differing opinion than her is obnoxious and difficult. Well, she needs to grow up….she reminds me of the idiots that are part of the Tea Party. Also, as humans we need to be smarter than to just assume that a person is guilty because the FBI is investigating. Perception clearly trumps reality for all of y’all. Which is why Dallas will never be the city it could be….What’s most evident is that the educational system in DISD needs better funding.

    Be Blessed!

  • Bill

    Let me tell you what it is a Happy Day for Dallas County. Price is tbe biggest crook out there and justice needs to be served. Its sad nothing it has been so obvious to most of Dallas over the years but he is so WILEY that no one has caught him. Price is a scum bag and I know people that have been stupid enough to pay his surrogates for him doing his job as a public official. My friends and I have already planned throwing a major party when he puts on the orange jump suit.