Leading Off (6/22/11): The Pinch-Hitting for Zac Crain Edition Because His Son “Got Him Up at 4 and Threw Everything Off”

Cops Pee in Car. An apparent prank pulled by micturating police has led to a full-blown investigation, with DNA testing and everything. From the Morning News: “It’s just nasty,” said a police official with knowledge of the investigation. “That kind of stuff is just embarrassing. It’s so juvenile.”

Good News out of DISD. The district announced a 7-percent rise in graduation rate (sub. req.). Contacted at his new Atlanta-area home, former DISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa shot the double birds at everyone in Dallas (this blog included) who bitched about the way he resigned.

Dirk Dishes Deets. Ben and Skin had Dirk on their ESPN 103.3 show yesterday for about 30 minutes. It was a really good interview. Dirk revealed some details about crying in the shower and so forth that he hadn’t talked about till then. You can listen to the interview here and read excerpts here.

DART Apologizes. Finally.


  • Not everything. My hatred for Tim remains steadfast.

  • RAB

    Yeah, but that doesn’t count. Hatred for Tim is like gravity. It can’t be thrown off.