Jim Schutze Just Can’t Help Himself, Ctd.

Over the weekend, Wick and Jim Schutze had interesting exhange on the blog, with Wick pointing out that Schutze intentionally quoted him out of context to make the point that this magazine has been “rah-rah’ing” for the Trinity toll road. Yes, in 2007, when the city voted on a referendum on the road, the magazine supported the toll road. But that support ended, far as I can tell, in 2009.

You’ll recall this famous late-night fight between Councilwoman Angela Hunt and Wick. It resulted in Wick’s recanting his support for the toll road.

Schutze is right when he says that the Observer has been the lead dog in the hunt to dig up the truth about flood safety and how it would be affected by a roll road built into the levee. He deserves to thump his chest and say, “I told ya so.” But the headline of that told-ya-so post is “It’s Been Truly Inspiring to Watch D Apologize for Rah-Rah’ing Trinity Toll Road. Oh, Wait.”

Here’s the opening of Wick’s recanting from 2009: “My apologies to those who have been waiting for the latest salvo in the Wick Allison vs. Angela Hunt debate. There will be no salvo, because on her central point, Angela Hunt is right.”


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  • tomindallas

    Dallas has always been about 20 years behind when it comes to effective urban planning. Regional transportation in most states is directed around the central business districts, not through the middle of the city. Now Wick and Jim need to figure out what is good city planning for Dallas Future. The emperor has no clothes really comes to mind.

  • mightcan

    That Angela Hunt. A woman of many insightful and cogent words, when, really, only one needed to be tossed by her, “feckless”.

  • Sara

    But, but but…. Wick only recanted on one point. That is, that the Toll Road would not unravel the greater Trinity project.

    Read Wick’s response to the first two comments. He never publicly recanted his support of the Toll Road.

  • Justin

    Wick’s apology to Angela Hunt, linked to as “Wick’s recanting” doesn’t read like a recanting to me. It reads like an admission that he was incorrect in that the toll road was inseparable from the project as a whole and admitted as such, but it doesn’t indicate that he recanted his support for the toll road.

    You can’t complain that Schutze takes Wick out of context to make a point and then do it yourself.

  • Grumpy Demo

    I seem to remember a glossy PR piece extolling the virtues of the Trinity Project published by D before the election. Plus a lot of stories with few critical observations or critics. So of us have memories.

    A lot of people at D and the DMN have egg on their faces, it not a surprise they think it’s rude to point it out.

  • Amy S.

    I guess rudeness would depend on if you walked up to the person and said what you typed (under a pseudonym, no less) to their face: would they punch you in the nose – or not?

    I’m not saying this to be rude. Ahem.

  • So where would an innocent citizen go to read a totally accurate up-to-date assessment of this project?

  • Can’t Wick carry his own clubs on this one rather than making Tim his caddy?

  • Oops, I see that he already did earlier.

  • Grumpy Demo

    “under a pseudonym” yes if I only had the courage of “Amy S.”

    What did I say that was rude? oh yeah! It’s rude to point out the someone from the Park Cities was wrong and it costs tax payers hundreds of millions?

  • Neal

    And that makes me sad.

  • fred

    Grumpy you are showing your class envy!

  • Stump’s Agent

    If the project includes a golf course, then I want to be a caddy there ! Go Mavs !

  • Admonkey

    Obviously Tim didn’t actually read Wick’s “Angela Hunt Apology” story so much as skimmed it looking for a magic word, but who can blame him? I mean, have you really _read_ Wick?