If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Time for an Outburst at Commissioner’s Court

Some day, I think, voters will suddenly get very tired of theatrics in their county commissioners, and will instead want to vote for people who want to conduct business without, I dunno, calling people bobos.

And yet, today’s Dallas County Commissioner’s Court outburst is brought to you by Maurine Dickey, who was upset about a county redistricting plan. And listen, maybe it was a bunch of hooey and she was right not to like it. But bobos? And this:

“If you would like to drag me out, please do,” she said. “Do you want to haul me out? I’m ready to go to jail.”

So yes, sigh. For one thing, what does that even mean? Is she referring to an ethnic group from Burkina Faso? A boogyman from Egypt? A Chinese boy band? Or, uh, any of these meanings? And secondly, seriously? There wasn’t a more professional way to register her displeasure? Or for that matter, for any of them to voice their displeasure?


  • Cliff
  • Daniel

    I always thought bobo meant “bourgeois bohemian.” Of course, it could mean “bon vivant botanist,” “borderline bonkers” or any number of other alliterative phrases capable of eliciting universal contempt and opprobrium.

    Somebody needs to do a mash-up of these outbursts. My Life in Bush of Bozos.

  • ronneleh

    The shoe is on the other foot at the state level. Where is Dickey’s outrage over disenfranchised voters there?

  • Kathy

    Maurine Dickey is the only bobo….good ridence…she is a disaster.