Here is a Picture of Nick Van Exel

nick-van-exel_I’m not sure where this is from. I put it up on our Tumblr a few days ago. I put it up because, of all the people who played for the Mavericks, Nick Van Exel was singular in his ability to not give one fraction of a damn if it was the fourth quarter of the seventh game of a playoff series or 10 minutes into a preseason game. He did what he did. He was absolutely fearless, rushing toward the moment instead of shrinking from it, 6 feet of swagger.

I put it up here because 1) we should all be more like that, whether we play basketball or type blog posts about people who play basketball or whatever. And 2) the Mavericks, specifically, should especially be like that tonight. I mean, I suppose the real reason is that I love Nick Van Exel, but I think I’ve made that pretty clear with all the words I typed before these. In case I didn’t: I love Nick Van Exel.


  • Andy

    Why didnt you title this post: “Hey Jason Terry…”

  • No rings.

    • @publicnewssense: Only because Dirk hurt his knee.

  • Steve

    I still feel good about this series. Dallas has a deep and productive bench that had a very bad night. Miami had to play freaking Juwan Howard in the first quarter.

  • JD

    That is NOT Nick; if it were you would be able to see the top of his socks.

  • mhassett03

    That MFer shot freethrows 3 feet behind the line just because…

  • mark

    He was a cold blooded killer. Mavs could use him now.

  • Zac, Dirk wasn’t on all the teams for which he played.

    • The only Maverick team. I obviously don’t care about the others.

  • i don’t mean to be cheesy and earnest here but van exel is one of the reasons my mavs love burns so white hot. i moved here in the mid-80’s and the first professional sporting event i saw was a mavs game the first year kidd was here. and i wore the mavs “young guns” shirt i got at that game all the time. but it wasn’t until that early-‘aughts lineup of van exel, nash and dirk that it wasn’t a bit to say you were a mavs fan. i remember in 2001-2002ish we made van exel buttons and handed them out at bars just because of the reasons zac already stated. in short, GO MAVS!!!!

  • Rex

    I’m not a Mavs fan, but I’ve been a fan of Van Exel since his first game with the Lakers. I loved that run he had with the Mavs and was definitely pulling for them to go all the way that year.