• JB

    That is so frightening. In these post 9/11 days it is so important that people not even give the appearance of having fun at an airport. These guys should be sought out and punished. The escalator planking, the displacement of the parfait glass, and the outright theft of what appears to be 6 oz. of beer are a total affront to TSA! These guys should be thrown into Guantanamo ASAP!

  • JonnyDallas

    Big Bad Bob beat you to this a couple of days ago.

    How’d they get away with it? Screwing around with beer taps and at a flight counter? I don’t know for sure, but my bet is charm. A really great photog/videographer charms their way to getting the shots they want. Or they just ask politely. Or both.

    I suppose it is also possible they are some young guys from Cali who just straight up went for it, and got it.

  • Sam Merten

    I’m guessing there are a few disabled folks out there who’d take exception to your characterization of riding in a wheelchair as “fun.”

  • kris

    looks like a hoax
    like they were never there

  • Zach B

    I wanna hang out with them, Sang, and Game Five Eric.

  • Tom

    It’s time to check the immigration status of all D/FW Airport passengers who appear to be Asian. Get Leo Berman on the phone.

  • JB

    @ Sam
    I agree. Especially, if their disability and impairment was a loss of a sense of humor.

  • Fosett

    @ Sam: I agree, especially if they stole those wheelchairs from said disabled folks. Maybe, then, the disabled folks would be stuck. Hey, wait- maybe that’s where they got the title of the short from!

  • mike p

    awesome, kuddos to these two !

  • Jasmine

    WEST COAST! Obviously some don’t know how to have fun. You know that the CEO of the airport even liked the video? What else are you gonna do at a big airport that gets VERY EMPTY other than bum sleep?

  • PF

    I’ve been stuck at airports many times. I think it’s great these guys took a negative and turned it into a positive. If only we all relaxed and had fun when stuck. I say give these guys a break…TSA should thank them for exposing security flaws. In fact, their filming is so good, I bet they have a ton of job offers by now.