DeShawn Stevenson Arrested for Public Intoxication Last Night

DeShawn, DeShawn, DeShawn. If you’re going to drink too much and not know where you are, travel with a buddy, buddy. One that will tell you where you are. Or pin a note on your shirt before you go out for the night, that says, “I am DeShawn Stevenson, and I live at ….”

And if you do decide to get drunk and wander a neighborhood, pick one in Dallas. I’m pretty sure that anyone over here would’ve been cool enough to invite you in, sober you up, and let you sleep it off.


  • BrandonS

    DeShawn wasn’t being violent, and he wasn’t driving. If Irving PD thought he was a danger to himself, fine, they did the right thing. But as far as I’m concerned, DeShawn was rightfully celebrating and made a smart decision to not be driving. Have another for me, DeShawn!

  • mhassett03

    He would’ve been fine except he kept slurring “How’s my Dirk taste?” and that was only funny once.

  • Glad he was able to get his Dirk outta jail.

  • brett

    no problem here…as he wasn’t driving, but he was CELEBRATING AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

  • JS

    Given my prior interactions with the Irving Police Department, this does not surprise me in the least.

  • Amy S

    Shock value-wise, this is right up there with “DeShawn doesn’t mow the grass in his alley”, which is what, like also a $400 fine?

    But imagine if the police had let him go, and he’d walked out in front of a car and gotten smeared, everyone would have wondered why the police DIDN’T do something to keep him safe that evening. So maybe they made the right call. But.

    On the radio I heard him say he wasn’t drunk, I fail to understand why he didn’t have the right to a breathalizer test before being hauled off to jail. Especially since he wasn’t driving, it should be a right before involuntary incarceration (when not driving a car). And I have to wonder if it hadn’t been DeShawn, would he have been released as quickly?