Dallas Lawyer Kills Really, Really Big Alligator

Alternate Headline: How to Get Around the Dallas Morning News’ Paywall If You Have a Lot of Time on Your Hands

This guy is Dallas attorney Levi McCathern. When he’s not being an eagle or a shark (depending on your opinion of the legal profession), he likes to hunt all manner of animals. Last week, he managed to kill an 880-pound alligator while hunting in Leon County. With a gun. While it would sound more badass if he had killed it with his bare hands, apparently shooting a moving target in the brain when the target’s brain is the size of a golf ball and is 100 yards away is also pretty hard. So there’s that.

But more interestingly is that the story is behind a paywall on the DMN site. However, I found the whole store, for free, here. If you’re interested, you should probably read fast, because something similar happened over the weekend when Evan Grant wrote a beautiful column about going to a baseball game with his dad. It was behind the paywall, but people soon found it for free on the Star-Telegram’s site, until news of its freeness made the Twitters, and then it was quickly yanked.

So there you go. Quick Google fingers and a giant chunk of time to kill will give you a peeksy behind the paywall.


  • Animal Kingdom

    Levi is Jerry Jones’ lead trial lawyer. Partners with Jerry’s cousin… um, Jerry.

  • itspamelar

    I HATE that paywall. It makes me stabby.

  • Daniel

    My brain is the size of a golf ball and I weigh 880 pounds, too, after repeatedly beaming myself to Waco on this piece-of-crap transporter thingie Zac palmed off on me for what seemed like a fair price at the time. He said it would get me to Austin, so of course, being an idiot, I kept trying over and over, until finally I was too stupid and too fat to realize he had lied and it would only take me as far as Waco the next time, same as the last forty-three. Then Mama sat down at the table and I sat down at the table. Mama held me and I could hear us all, and the dark, and something I could smell. And then I could see the windows, where the trees were buzzing.

  • Ben

    Ahhh yes, the Great White Hunter. It’s one thing to shoot it but as most hunters are well aware, getting your animal out of the woods/river/wherever is the real adventure. Apparently this guy shot the alligator and promptly left, not even sticking around to have his photo taken with it. Apparently he had a birthday party to attend.

    He left all the dirty, hard, backbreaking true adventure to the guide he hired. The lawyer left. To me, seems almost like a canned hunt. I know the guide offers some spectacular hunting for alligators and cherry picks the largest ones for select high paying clients. Hunting alligator is alot like hunting turtles at a golf course pond. They are creatures of habit and will usually show up in their favorite sunning spot day after day.

    Article makes it sound like he is fast tracking a trophy room for his home with a checklist of high fenced quarry. Rednecks like moi have a special burr in our pants over such folks.

  • tommy

    This story and a picture of the gator was in the DMN this past Sunday in the sports page.

  • WhoDat

    Ben next time you hunt a 880lb turtle that can eat you, let DMN know about it. Idiot.

  • Big Deal

    Hurray!!!! You killed the Gator (with a high power rifle [at a relatively short range]).

    Also, a Gator that big with a brain the size of a golf ball?…hmmm, go google “Alligator Anatomy” and tell me that with a straight face. Was it breathing file too? Did you fire the bullet from a gun, or simply throw it hard at the things head.

    Judging on the size of the Gator, the brain was probably more like the size of a large grapefruit or small cantaloupe. And if you cant hit that from 100 yards…

    damned canned hunters…love to go to the press after they kill an elderly and slow [large] animal, all for the glory.

  • Thjs isn’t hunting — it’s ambushing. Here’s a formula: The bigger the dead gator, the bigger the rifle-toting p&*@y. I’ll be happy to meet this bar card-carrying twit out by the bike rack after school — not from 100 yards away.

  • Love It

    Levi, Levi – one more big brave redneck hunter from Texas trying in vain to compensate for your SHORTCOMINGS with that big old gun.

  • Derring Hatfield

    Douchebagssaywhat? Arkansas mafia and everyone associated with them are douchey.

  • Texan

    So how does the guy hunt on a public waterway (illegal) in Texas? The NBC story says he got special permission from a landowner to hunt along the Trinity river. How does landowner permission trump state statute?

  • Peoplearehaters

    All these negative comments are ridiculous. Why is it that some of you feel the need to ridicule other’s accomplishments? Is it out of jealousy, or is it your own self-esteem issue? If killing an 880 lbs alligator was so easy then why aren’t you all doing it? Please, find some enjoyment in your own lives without trying to degrade others. Life is better that way.

  • Love It

    To Peoplearehaters – WHAT kind of “accomplishment” is it to track an old animal for two days – JUST TO MURDER IT? Are you serious? Why are we not doing it? Why WOULD anyone do it? Not because he needed food, not because the animal was a danger – just a sociopathic need to murder something. Life is better that way? What is wrong with you?

  • DallasGirl

    Dear Love It – get a life.

  • Love It

    DallasGirl – overwhelmed by your eloquence. Love It

  • HuntingAintNew

    Wow, lots of people venting about hunting over here. So you don’t like hunting, but the human race tends to disagree with you, so get over it. We’ve been hunting, for sport, since the dawn of time. This guy tracked a record breaking giant alligator for two days and successfully took it out at who knows/cares what range. Who cares if he also drug it out of the water, or skinned it himself, or ate it, or whatever you’re hung up on. That’s impressive to people who appreciate hunting. The rest of you, go ogle over something YOU care about. I’m sure there are plenty of prize winning petting zoos you can attend, and I’m willing to bet Levi McCathern won’t be there heckling you while you do it.

  • NewSource

    Where’de you learn about the range BigDeal? Or did you make it up that this was a short range shot? Oooh, BigDeal took out a hotshot hunter [with relatively little information, which he also made up himself]. The fact is, this guy either had the balls to approach a giant alligator and shoot it in the face “at short range,” or he sacked the monster by nailing an impressive long range shot at something no bigger than a grapefruit hidden inside of a giant armored skull so you can only guess where the [email protected] grapefruit is in the first place. Congratulation Levi on an impressive kill!

  • DallasGirl

    Love It – Underwhelmed by YOUR shortcomings. Bitter, party of one, your table is ready!!

  • antonio345

    I respect everybody’s thinking..But who the hell have the power to decide to KILL an animal just for a pleasure?? HELLO!!! Many of you here are mentally sick..just because the nation sistem have licenses for anyone to kill an INDEFENSE ANIMAL who was on his enviroment..if the animal was attacking humans , or that guy needed for food will be defferent stories…but here many look like retarded people..just because there are license to hunt animals that make you RIGHT to kill animals for pleasures..many kill deers just to show up their heads in a nasty wall..if some of you are Christians, I bet you are..God did create animals first, and commended the humans to take care of them, no to attack them…because this guys is a lawyer, that make a valid action to do? Out universo is devasted because of people like that guy!!!! is really sad to know that..and may I am sure have congratulated him, because of that cruelty killing the indefense animal..but also who gave the permission? the State…and they are protecting animals???? just because there is a season? who created that hunting season? God did it? Everything wrongdoing they are consecuenses in life, and the nature, and to the all Universe….those people with a hungry spirit for killing must nedd some treatment very urgent….

  • antonio345

    LOVE IT …yea you right those guys hungry of killing ARE SOCIOPATHIC, and the wold is in “danger” with those people..see how many murders incidents had happened in school, children killing children, and teachers, because that is the result of having parents who are potentially criminals…that case must be raken to court, and make a trail as an example for the society…I dont understand some people’s behavior..now that guy who killed the alagator is a HERO? stop being enviroment depredator of the indefense nature, animal and vegetal….

  • Love It

    The news on Channel 5 last night said that this big, brave, fat faced chump is now being investigated by Texas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife for his little adventure. Doubt anything will come of it but fingers are crossed.

  • antonio345

    I am crossing fingers too….Hope this case will be REALLY INVESTIGATED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and persecutted in court…