Dallas Daters Dig the Word “Symphony.” Fort Worth Goes for “Loving.”

I love emails like the one below, because they make blogging easy. Many thanks to the FrontBurnervian who brings us the following cool study about the tendencies of Dallas daters.

This is fascinating. Media artist Roger Luke DuBois joined 21 online dating sites to see how singles from different parts of the country describe themselves in their dating profiles. He then mapped the responses — literally on map — by replacing the names of cities and towns with the words used by people in those cities and towns to describe themselves and their ideal dating partners. Each word appears in the place it’s used more frequently than anywhere else in the country. Here’s his explanation.

Here’s the map of Texas.

Having grown up with the innate and utterly reasonable chauvinism that knows Dallas to be sophisticated and Houston crass, I was delighted to see that Dallas daters most use the word “Symphony” in their profiles, while Houston goes for “Rich.” Also, it’s nice to see that Fort Worth is “Loving.” And “Clubs” makes sense for Austin when you consider the music scene.

Other towns are more puzzling: Amarillo=”Setting”; Abilene=”Decision”; Waco=”Exception”; and San Antonio=”Correct.”


  • michael

    “Earl” is used more frequently in Granbury than anywhere else in the country?

    As a veteran of the online dating scene, I can tell you the usage of symphony in Dallas is as follows “I can noodle for catfish in the morning and be ready for the symphony at night”

    Amarillo – Setting Sun?
    Waco – No dancing, no Exception?

  • @Michael – Ha! Ha! to Waco – Footloose, Footlose – Kick off my Sunday Shoes!