Dallas Cooler Than Austin? Nah.

Since we can’t get enough of writing about what the Observer is writing about this week, remember last week’s cover story about how Dallas and Houston are now cooler than Austin. Yeah, FrontRow’s Christopher Mosley is not buying it. And this, he adds, just indicates how ignorant the Observer‘s music writers are of what is really going on in Austin. Dust off those boxing gloves.


  • Kat

    Dallas has NBA champions, definitely cooler!

  • True dat

  • Daniel

    Austin is all deafening sizzle and seven-eighths of a cubic inch of steak. Dallas is pre-recorded, trademarked, Richards-Group-created-at-no-small-expense Sizzle (TM) and one-and-one-half cubic inches of steak.

    Seems like folly to break out the boxing gloves over this, but I’m game, I suppose. What, you want some?

  • Don in Austin

    I’ll see your one NBA champion every 32 years and raise you, oh, Barton Springs every day. Not fair? Hey I like the Mavs, watch them on TV when I can, enjoyed tremendously their win. But, TV is as close as I would ever get to them if I still lived in Dallas, so no loss here. Our pro sports teams here aren’t too shabby either.