Cheatin’ Song Stars Randy Travis, Local Couple

When C&W star Randy Travis showed up the other day at a Dallas fundraiser for Mitt Romney, the tall, dark-haired woman at his side sure didn’t look like his longtime wife and manager, Libby Hatcher. Were we ever behind the times. In a steamy saga that’s played out right here in our own backyard, it looks like the singer has divorced his wife of 19 years after taking up with one Mary Beougher, who was married to Randy’s Plano dentist Ritchie Beougher, DDS.

According to various sources, the tawdry tale began when Randy took a walk with Mary while Libby’s teeth were being cleaned at Beougher’s swanky Willow Bend Dental clinic. Next thing you know, Libby had planted a spy camera on Randy’s tour bus and caught the cheating pair red-handed. Now Randy and Mary are supposedly looking for a place together in Gainesville, and Randy’s promising to marry her as soon as she’s divorced. Oh yeah: Travis may have gone back to drinkin’ again, too. All in all it’s a story that would make a great country song, like the ones Randy is famous for.


  • tinkerbell

    Yeah, a lot of folks have known about that one for a while. It started about a year ago. Poor dentist. Poor Lib. Yucky yucky Randy and Mary.

  • Tom

    Good ‘ol GOP family values – infidelity, spying, alcoholism – glad to see they’re still preserving the sanctity of marriage.

  • mm

    I guess this proves he isn’t gay. I know that was the rumor back in the day.

  • Nitrous

    Well, you know, Tom, there’s always a real risk when a woman marries well beneath herself intellectually trying to play it safe psychologically.

    Poor Libby.

  • JonnyDallas

    Why are you linking to Perez Hilton? Is that the source you got the story from? Do you also use the National Enquirer as source material?

    When can we expect D Mag to hire Mario Taradelli(or whatever his name is), and Leslie Brenner? Citing gossip rags with absolutely no journalistic integrity is no better than the crap they write.

    C’mon. You can do better than that.

  • Daniel

    Man, it’s a hard road down from the top in show biz. It’s a dentist’s wife and a home in Gainesville, Texas, for you, brother. Jesus, is that a rough row to hoe. It’s enough to make a man pray and drink, alternately.

  • bw

    18 year age difference between Randy and his former wife/manager. Guess he’s getting younger at that position.

  • RossG

    Guess Randy forgot about his song “On the Other Hand”, but his wife remembered his song “Have a Nice Rest of Your Life”.

  • Gearth Brookes

    It’s about time he left that goofy looking gray-haired old woman and hooked up with someone younger. What good is fame and fortune if you’re stuck with an old lady who could be mistaken for your grandma?!

  • laresa forbesl

    I still want to see pictures of Randy with Mary to believe this. It looks to me, like nothing has changed, and they just divorced so people would finally get off their backs about their relationship. I went to a show last year, and I didn’t sense or feel any bad feeling between Lib and Randy. I just feel it’s all PR and a big hoax. They’re just back to where they was in their relations 20 years ago. Nothing has changed, Randy just doesn’t wear a ring anymore. What happened to him being baptized and coming to the Lord. Is this behavior what a good Christian would do! He throws in the drinking, too– he’s trying to look bad.

  • jp

    Could Randy and Mary have run off to Vegas to get married. Spotted them today with 6 other people for lunch!

  • Moe

    My sister is married to a dentist. He is a really nice guy. It is always a little awkward when people show up with someone that you don’t know. Especially if they come in the place of a husband or wife. I don’t think that anything else starts people talking faster than this.