Tuesday, February 7, 2023 Feb 7, 2023
Dallas, TX

Cheatin’ Song Stars Randy Travis, Local Couple

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When C&W star Randy Travis showed up the other day at a Dallas fundraiser for Mitt Romney, the tall, dark-haired woman at his side sure didn’t look like his longtime wife and manager, Libby Hatcher. Were we ever behind the times. In a steamy saga that’s played out right here in our own backyard, it looks like the singer has divorced his wife of 19 years after taking up with one Mary Beougher, who was married to Randy’s Plano dentist Ritchie Beougher, DDS.

According to various sources, the tawdry tale began when Randy took a walk with Mary while Libby’s teeth were being cleaned at Beougher’s swanky Willow Bend Dental clinic. Next thing you know, Libby had planted a spy camera on Randy’s tour bus and caught the cheating pair red-handed. Now Randy and Mary are supposedly looking for a place together in Gainesville, and Randy’s promising to marry her as soon as she’s divorced. Oh yeah: Travis may have gone back to drinkin’ again, too. All in all it’s a story that would make a great country song, like the ones Randy is famous for.