Another Reason To Love Dirk Nowitzki

I love a good malapropism. And I love people who issue them in humorous ways. My wife, for instance, once declaimed: “You are skating on a thin thread, mister!” That’s good stuff.

Which brings me to this gem from Dirk at the rally inside in the AAC after the parade: “It’s been an amazing ride, an amazing journey. There’s been a lot of ups, a lot of downs. This is the top of the iceberg, and it feels absolutely amazing.”

Bear in mind that he did this in his second language, which makes it all the more impressive. It’s like his off-balance, one-legged fadeaway, a thing of beauty that you want to rewind and watch in slow-mo so you can see just how he did it. “It’s been an amazing ride. There’s been a lot of ups, a lot of downs.” Okay, so those words, for most people, would call to mind a roller coaster. That’s where you expect Dirk to go. But no. He fakes you out and instead goes for — a mountaintop? No! Your second guess is wrong! Dirk is three moves ahead of you. He goes for the top of the iceberg — which, of course, is only a few feet above sea level.

But wait. Also notice that he goes to the “top of the iceberg,” rather than the “tip of iceberg,” the latter (and much more common) expression referring to a large problem, only part of which is evident.

Swish. The ball splashes through the nylon, and Dirk goes running back down to the other end of the court, wagging his tongue and popping his jersey, as you’re left to stand there and scratch your head, wondering how the hell he just did that.


  • JB

    Perfect post for Mr. Tim. I heard Dirk say that to and I was just waiting for the other glove to drop.

  • RAB

    “[O]nly a few feet above sea level”? Not Dirk’s iceberg! The top of Dirk’s iceberg is like this one:

    Moreover, the analogy works. A mountaintop is surrounded by trees and roads and telephone poles. Maybe some trash the last hiker left. And you can see congested cities down there in the valley.

    But a tall iceberg? You’re out there in the middle of the ocean, it’s cold and bracing, you’re on you’re majestic ice throne, and it’s just you, the wind, miles and miles of flat, blue water — and your gold Larry O’Brien. That, my friend, is victory.