WFAA Lead Story, Must Credit WFAA: End of the World Is May 21

Last night, WFAA’s lead story was about billboards that have been sighted all over the country, including one in this area, which warns that the end of the world will be here on May 21. This leaves me with three questions:

1. How is this the lead story?

2. No, seriously. How is this the lead story?

3. Party on May 20th?


  • jennywren

    As my daughter would say, “How can the end of the world be on the 21st? My yogurt doesn’t expire ’til the 28th!”

  • Daniel

    Time to get to bangin’ and whimperin’.

    (DANIEL ducks and covers head)

  • Brad

    C’mon! Everybody knows that the world ends NEXT year!

  • #AztecCalendarFail

  • AK

    Nooooooo! That’s before the Romo wedding!!!!

  • It’s the May ratings “sweeps” and WFAA8 had one of its few dependable ABC lead-ins from ABC’s 9 p.m. episode of “Body of Proof.” Sweeps plus nice-sized lead-in = end o’ world as lead-off hitter. Simple.

  • Tey

    Excellent looting opportunities 5-22. I can’t effin wait!

  • Dallius

    Shouldn’t it be the lead story every day? 🙂


    I don’t think you should put things like that on the new, I have a eight yr old grand son that was very afraid and as a news station you should know better too have bad things that kids are watching, and if you and your station people were true Christians that you would know only GOD knows when the world will end, so please stop playing with people feeling and stick with just the news, and please read your BIBLE.