• Karen

    I saw this jeep just yesterday being driven by a young blonde girl……can’t say she looked 21….but it was for just a second as she drove past me!

  • Our neighborhood party is this Saturday. We close off our street and bring out the bounce house and the margarita machine. You don’t have to be in the Park cities to have a great neighborhood. (BTW, we are in East Dallas, South of I-30.)

  • Lee

    They better watch out that the “stalinista” code compliance does not make a neighborhood sweep!

  • El Po

    What, exactly, would code compliance have an issue with? What are you implying is illegal about this?

  • fred

    Will one of the neighbors be doing massages?

  • Laura

    I wonder how many walk-ups they get…

  • Other Bill

    Crepe Myrtle Realtree Camo!

  • She’s not even close!!! (little blonde in the cammo jeep) she’s 16. So if you see her partaking in the HH please call her mother : )
    Sydney’s Mom

  • Juliette

    Oh, I am laughing at your daughter, Sunny!