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U.S. Troops Fighting For Our Fracking Rights?

By Jason Heid |

The Star-T has a piece about a pro-natural gas drilling group in Southlake, who mean to counteract the anti-drilling movement that got the city council to put a moratorium on new drilling permit applications, and a judge to issue a restraining order to keep new permits from being granted.

Fine. Plenty to debate here: property rights vs. the potential to poison the community’s air or water. But must all arguments get dressed up in patriotic clothing these days?

The group, called Southlake Citizens for Property Rights, had three speakers at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, including Bob Gray, a veteran whose son recently returned from a military tour in Afghanistan. He said mineral owners in Southlake had their liberties taken away by the city’s one-sided approach to gas drilling.

“What were they fighting for?” Gray asked the council. “I don’t think they were fighting for restrictive zoning. … I think they were fighting for freedom and liberty because that’s what we talk about on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.”