Tony Romo and Chace Crawford Hide From Tornadoes in the Bowels of Winspear Opera House

Romo,-Crawford-and-MaroulisAs Bethany noted, last night’s storms caused a little havoc at the Rock of Ages show at the Winspear Opera House. What you didn’t know is that the need to take refuge from the weather brought together the rare confluence of A, B, and C list celebrities that you see above.

Here’s how it was described by the PR rep who passed along the photo:

While taking shelter from Tuesday night’s tornados backstage at the Winspear Opera House, ROCK OF AGES star Constantine Maroulis, got a visit from the Romo/Crawford clan gathered in town for this weekend’s nuptuals.  Pictured from left are Chace Crawford (brother of the bride), Maroulis, and Tony Romo.  Also spotted backstage were bride-to-be Candice Crawford and her parents.  ROCK OF AGES plays the AT&T PAC thru Sunday.


  • J.C.

    Who is the A, B, and C?

  • So if I am connecting the dots… the regular patrons were not allowed to leave the auditorium, but Romo and company were having a party backstage?

  • Jenn

    My husband and I were there. Didn’t see A, B & C, but the post makes it sound a lot more dramatic than it was. There was an announcement at intermission about a tornado warning, and we were asked to stay in our seats. The ushers did let some people out to go to the restroom, though, so danger was hardly imminent, and the show went on without incident. No one needed to “take shelter” backstage or anywhere else!

  • A. B.

    Whole lotta macho up in here!

  • Was once at a dinner table with Constantine. He is very polite, soft spoken and has chest hair.

  • Bobby Ewing

    L to R: Eyebrows, Hair, and Dimples

  • T’Pau

    Two Men Smiling, One Man Weave

  • Peter Morrison

    Shouldn’t Dimples be out tossing the pigskin instead of attending this tour? This is why Dallas will never win a championship while hes quarterback.

  • ts
  • fred

    How nice of them to dress for the theater.

  • whatev

    Tony Romo has a flat head. I wonder if that’s where Jessica hit him with that skillet when he called her fat?

  • Du-Oh

    Probably the most exciting thing to happen that evening. “Rock of ages” sounds like rehashed dross.
    How about a musical about the tornadoes that hit Dallas that night. Probably more interesting and a damn sight more relevant.

  • Local

    And we care because…?

  • layla

    Chace is sooooo hot!!!