Things To Do in Dallas Tonight: May 9

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, full of gloating, being nice to your mother, and nerdy things like this Times sports correction. It made my Lord of the Rings-loving heart go pitter-pat.

The road goes ever on and on. I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoy a good ghost story. Theatre Too (Theatre Three’s black box) opens Language of Angels tonight, a newish play by Naomi Iizuka. Iizuka, half Japanese and half Latina (David Brooks would love this lady), draws from traditional Japanese drama to unravel the mystery behind a young woman’s disappearance in an Appalachian cave. I’ve taken the liberty of peeking at the script, and it’s talky, but not extremely long.

Normally I’d link you to a review, but since I’m sending you to opening night, I can’t do that. Personally, I love seeing a show before all the critics chew it up. Forming your own opinions is good. But beware. Theatre Two has two temperatures: Saharan desert, and Artic Ice Storm. Just ask your usher for a blanket– they keep a bunch down there just for that reason. Dream Cafe around the corner for dinner? Don’t mind if I do. The popover that came with my salad a few weeks ago could give Neiman Marcus a run for their money.

And if you’re a fan of Cool Out Mondays, the Granada is giving our local DJs one night of competition with a set from up-and-coming UK dubstep producer Rusko (accompanied by Doory, A1EX and Left/Right) (UPDATE: Rusko show just sold out.). Go forth. Do the awkward beer in hand head bob. Celebrate.

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