Things To Do in Dallas Tonight: May 4

Apparently, Dallas drivers are bringing back hand gestures in lieu of turn signals. I’ve been cut off twice in the past two days by people who think waving their arm in front of their rearview mirror (and/or honking, if said cutting-off is going to be done at a stoplight) is appropriate warning.

Moving on to more serious matters. In the wake of Bin Laden’s death and the distasteful reaction of some of our fellow Americans, I think tonight’s offering might afford us all some much needed perspective. The Dallas Holocaust Museum is co-sponsoring a free screening of Ingelore tonight at the Angelika, a new HBO 2 documentary set for television premiere on May 8. I say HBO, but all they did was find this little gem in the festival circuit and snap it up. First time director Frank Stiefel did all the work – the subject is, after all, his mother.

Ingelore Herz Honigstein was born deaf and Jewish in Germany in 1924, an inconvenience and embarrassment to her parents from the start, and at thirteen, a clear threat to Hitler’s agenda. Using a mix of interview (Honigstein’s dialogue alternates between speech and American Sign Language), period recreation, and archival footage, Stiefel tells the rather incredible story of her survival. But the best part is that both he and Honigstein will be in attendance tonight. A cocktail reception kicks off at 6pm, and talk back will follow the screening. Why go? “I’ve seen the film,” Nanette at the Holocaust Museum told me. “It’s so moving. She [Honigstein] is just a wonderful spirit, as many Holocaust survivors are. It’s a life changing experience to have a conversation with someone who survived what she survived.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. And yes, people, if all goes swimmingly, you can still probably make it home in time to tune in to the Mavs game. Priorities. For more things to do tonight, go here.


  • OneArtDirector

    Liz, “USA! USA! USA!”

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  • glenn hunter

    Not sure what Ingelore’s (obviously inspiring) story has to do with “distasteful” reactions to bin Laden’s death. Some reactions may have been a little over the top, sure. Then again, the relatives of the thousands crushed into dust because of the twisted a****** shot Sunday might disagree.