Things To Do in Dallas Tonight: May 19

I’ve been seriously thinking about joining the Dallas chapter of the Alliance Française. Not because my French is actually that great, but because I seem to recall our friend David Brooks – columnist, author, and newly minted Internet meme – saying that joining a club is basically like giving yourself a happiness-shot equivalent to doubling your income. Sign me up.

Alliance de Dallas also happens to be hosting a wine tasting tonight at Calais (I’m not an alcoholic, guys. It just so happens that when the weather gets nice everyone seems to be hitting the bottle). The five different varieties of wine up for sipping include a port, which intrigues me. Very, very briefly, I was a hostess at a fancypants restaurant in Greenwich Village with a bar that stocked an impressive selection of the dessert wine. The servers were quizzed daily about it. I can’t say I’m sophisticated enough to enjoy drinking it too much– too sweet– but it does pack a nice boozey punch. And where would a tasting be without bread and cheese? Nowhere. Yum. I called over, and you can still get tickets via the club’s website. Reasonably priced, too, which is nice since I don’t actually see myself doubling my income anytime soon.

And last Thursday as I was leaving work around six, quite a few people had already staked out prime spots on the lawn for the DMA’s Jazz Under the Stars free concert series. One couple was building a really fancy looking wooden table. It wasn’t just one of those fold-up things, this was a legit effort. I guess the early bird gets the worm, since the music doesn’t actually start until 8 pm. The One O’Clock Lab Band from UNT pretty much guarantees a delightful time. Just watch the weather, because what might have been a romantic picnic could also be a soggy mess. No glass containers allowed, so bring a thermos of whatever you’d like to drink if it doesn’t come in cans. Bonus points if you have one of these extremely realistic cell phone flasks.

Looking for something else to do this evening? It’ll be over here.