Monday, June 17, 2024 Jun 17, 2024
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Signs of the Times at W’s Dallas Security Gate


IMG_5920Besides two cop cars, three TV trucks, four radio-station vehicles, and a couple of AP people, it was pretty quiet this rainy morning at the security gate leading to the Preston Hollow street where Laura and George W. Bush live. If the police were there to marshal the crowds gathered to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden, they had an easy time of it, because, unlike last night, there were no crowds.

Just some little flags stuck into the ground nearby, a spray of red white and blue balloons, and a bunting-festooned sign on the gate that read, “President Obama Forgot To Say Thank You, President Bush!” Someone reported that the former president had left the neighborhood around 6:30 this morning and hadn’t been seen since. Oh yeah, there was one other item of note: a hand-scrawled sheet of paper lying on the ground, soaked from the rain and folded in half. When you opened it up it read, “Winning! Obama 1, Bush 0.