• Good time to revisit this 2007 profile of Sams from our pages. This was after he’d been fired from Channel 8, had done his penance in Sherman, and was returning to Dallas.

  • B. L. Powell

    I certainly wish him well this time around.

  • Marcus

    Is Rios a Greek name? Just curious.

  • fred


  • Scott Sams is the Chuck Norris of local news.

  • Patt Bowles

    Scott Sams is a class act and we are so lucky he is giving us all another opportunity to appreciate his quality, intelligent broadcasting skills.

  • Becky

    Glad to hear he’s back. I thought I heard him this morning on KRLD doing a commercial. Best news I have heard in months. Welcome back, Scott!

  • Vicki

    I enjoyed watching Scottt SAMs when he was with CZh 8, but I cringe when I hear him on KRLD. He is overplaying the roll and trying to be funny but comes across as a smart aleck. Tone it down Scott.