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Mayoral Candidates Support Parkland

By Tim Rogers |

As I noted a couple days ago, I’m involved in an intricate conspiracy with Parkland Hospital and UT Southwestern to discredit the Dallas Morning News. Today, my fellow conspirators and I are prepared to share a bit more about the extent to which this effort has spread across city. As you’ll see from this letter of support for Parkland and UT Southwestern, which is signed by close to 300 people, including all four mayoral candidates (and Rep. Dan Branch, George Bramblett, Mary McDermott Cook, Robert H. Dedman Jr., Nash Flores, Howard Hallam, Lyda Hunt Hill, Walt Humann, Hunter Hunt, Lee Jackson, Veletta Forsythe Lill, Bob Kaminski, Earle Nye, Jim Oberwetter, Caren Prothro, and Jim Turner, among others), the Dallas Morning News — or, if you prefer, the Morning News or the DMN or the News — is screwed.

All kidding aside: most of the people who signed that letter are rich, and some of them even know what they’re talking about. I would love to know what sort of phone calls Jim Moroney is getting about his paper’s coverage of Parkland and UT Southwestern.

Update (3:49): I overlooked the names John Eagle and Carl Sewell on that letter. Both men are far too savvy to consider pulling their companies’ auto ads over such a thing. Right?