Malcolm McDowell Says He’s Not That Scary

Malcolm McDowell IMG_5859

The DMN‘s Chris Vognar called Malcolm McDowell “pretty scary” in a story the other day, but the actorbest-known for his hooligan’s role in A Clockwork Orange says he’s far from a scary

guy. Even so, “I’ll take it. It’s good acting, isn’t it?” McDowell [pictured] said at a party in Dallas Friday night. “I think my wife is more scary than I am.”

The British-born McDowell doesn’t even think Terrence McQuewick, the Hollywood agent [warning: clip’s for adults only] he plays on TV’s Entourage, is an especially scary character. “He operates in a sea of sharks. Hollywood is crazy,” said McDowell, in town for appearances at the USA Film Festival and Texas Frightmare Weekend. “I’m very fond of Terrence. In fact I would have liked him as my agent.

“Where Ari [Gold] is ego-driven and out of control, Terrence is more cultured. He enjoys the life of it, the wealth,” McDowell went on. “A lot of agents thought I’d based Terrence on them, but I didn’t. He was ballsy with Ari; he wouldn’t take any s*** off him.” McDowell said he hopes Terrence will reappear on the popular HBO series, which is scheduled to end with 10 episodes this summer after eight seasons.