Leading Off (5/4/11)

Bush Declines Invite to Ground Zero Event. I think that’s a solid move. No matter your feelings about the man, you have to say that he has done a good job of staying out of the spotlight and above the fray in his post-presidency.

If New Bill Passes, Dog Owners Face Life in Prison. If their dog kills an infant or an elderly person. Not sure why anyone between those ages is exempt but I guess — OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT DOG.

Former Police Convicted of Sam’s Club Heist. Alph Coleman wasn’t able to use the “I was so scared I wet my pants” defense to his benefit. So now we have precedence.


  • That was nice of our Socialist, Marxist, non-American, race baiting President to do.

  • RAB

    Jack E. Jett:

    You’re talking about Obama, right? To be fair, the race-baiting part was his minister at the Church he faithfully attended for years.

  • Don

    Good point about Bush. Look, I didn’t like some of the things he did either. But, I am also not shallow enough to ignore the occasions when he does something right.