Leading Off (5/19/11)

Family Spotlighted on Oprah Today. Be careful while watching this story. You’re going to need a Kleenex. Thirteen years ago, Erin Kramp started chronicling her fight with cancer. She made hours of tapes that contained messages for her then 6-year-old daughter. Her daughter is now a freshman at Duke, her husband has remarried and has two more kids, and now her tapes are going to appear on Oprah today. The message she hoped would be spread is that she just wanted to say thank you to God for her journey. I doubt she ever imagined her words would be broadcast on Oprah.

Smoke in Grocery Store Possibly Harms Food While Workers Outside Store Possibly Harm Journalist. What gets this post the number 2 spot this morning in Leading Off is not the news story, but more so what happened while gathering the story. Just watch the video. The guys tried to claim that the photographer attacked them. But. Well. The cops didn’t believe it.

Video Games Lower Crime. Possibly. Or at least that’s what a UT Arlington economist is saying. I was just telling friends how hours of playing Halo caused me to get my first B. I didn’t even think about how it was keeping me off the streets and from attacking people. So, I say we all go play video games! I’ve got an N64 with GoldenEye for those who are interested. I’ll take on anyone in the lavatory with proximity mines. (Really, I just wanted a reason to link to this.)


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    Maybe purchases of video games increase when people have money–because they obtained jobs. So video games are a proxy for wealth. Crime tends to decline when people have jobs and income.