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ABC’s John Quinones Sets Up Shop in University Park


Ever seen ABC’s television show What Would You Do, hosted by John Quinones? It’s the one where actors play out some scene that poses a moral dilemma while the reaction of innocent bystanders is secretly recorded.  Just when some unsuspecting citizen leaps in to save the day- or minds his own business and walks away- Quinones pops out for an interview.

Last month Quinones and his crew set up some patrons at Short Stop in University Park’s Snider Plaza. Throughout the day guests were exposed to an easily overheard conversation in which a teen couple discussed an unplanned pregnancy, the boy urging his girlfriend to have an abortion. At least two area women felt led to intervene.

A Short Stop employee confirmed that some were upset about unknowingly being put to the test, others took the opportunity to share their motives for getting involved.

The episode is expected to air on May 20.