Denton’s Famed ‘The Tomato’ Pizza Restaurant to Open in Sanger on May 13

Told you earlier that the eatery much-loved by UNT alumni, and originally forced to close to make way for a CVS, was headed to Sanger rather than Denton. Now I hear an address and a date: May 13 at 303 Bolivar St.

Why isn’t this posted on SideDish? Because, like I said, it’s really about nostalgia rather than food.


  • UNTSeniorChelsea

    I know for a FACT The Tomato was not “forced to close to make way for a CVS.” It burned down. I was there.

    I suppose, technically, it was forced to close. Because it BURNED. Which made it rather impossible to eat there.

  • Daniel


    The Tomato was burned in a stupid and reckless act of protest (read: arson) after Ski had already been evicted. The Tomato was to Denton what a true “pub” is to countless neighborhoods, small towns and villages throughout Great Britain — a public house, a community center. It was a focal point for students of every stripe to while away an afternoon, gulp pitchers with friends, grab a quick bite between classes, meet a date, meet a pot dealer, whatever. It was the starting point of innumerable adventures for a couple generations of UNT students. It’s a shame it’s gone, but gone it is. College kids can be counted on to create their own scene; you have no need for the nostalgia of previous residents — er, tenants — of youth, I’m aware of that. It’s still a crying shame that place is gone, though.

    I’m glad for Ski that he gets to make a living again. But it goes without saying that this is not the same thing.

  • ExYankee

    * Date the Tomato’s Denton Location Closed: May 13, 2007.

    *Date of Fry Street Fire: June 27, 2007 (Six weeks *after* the Tomato moved out, when the buildings were allegedly in the care of the new property onwers).

    *Return of Best Deep Dish Pizza south of the Mason-Dixon Line: May 13, 2011.