Baseball Reporter Evan Grant Creates Twitter Hashtag Comedy

If you follow DMN baseball writer Evan Grant (Evan_P_Grant) on Twitter, you already know about his hashtag-gate. After the Rangers’ bullpen blew last night”s game in Seattle, Grant innocently wrote:

Now Rangers’ going to 40-year-old interim closer in tie game with 0 outs in eighth and go-ahead runner on third. #bullpenisamess

He told me he didn’t do it on purpose. He didn’t realize the “brilliance” of the tweet until the tweet was posted. Needless to say, it’s rocketing through the Internet.



  • DGirl

    Greatness. Love you EG.

  • ZachB

    I miss InsideCorner.

  • MCC

    Between the pot shots he took (and still throws) at Josh Lewin and his continued irrational defense of Rhadigan in the booth, I’m finding EG more grating these days. I still like him as the beat guy though.

  • Becca

    Oh that’s genius.

  • Bethany Anderson

    It is as funny as #bullpenisscaringme, which is what we used during the World Series run last year.

  • Bobby Ewing

    Perhaps better than the flip side: #bullpenisislookingfine

  • Or, like, if he’d written something unflattering about the bullpen and all those pitchers confronted him after a game: #bullpenisinmyface

  • Peterk

    maybe he was influenced by this video