• Top Cat

    I got one last February, in front of my house, when I had to move my car out of my drive for about 2 hours. Cost me $45, and it really pissed me off to have to pay that fine.

  • bc

    Not in Dallas, but this happened to me in Austin one weekend when I parked at a friend’s house to carpool to Lubbock. 3 days later, I came back to 3 tickets for the same offense. I argued the case in traffic court and was told I could have received a separate $40 fine for each 4 hours it remained that way.

    I paid up and have been living on the right side of the law (and road) since.

  • Jonathan Solomon

    Happened at our house in Lakewood/M-Streets a few times recently – we’ve been notifying our guests and people as they move in.

  • Lee

    DPD could spend more time stopping speeders on almost any street in Dallas!

  • Hopefully they are using the proceeds to repair streets and compensate neighborhood police patrols.

    This post brought to you by the word: “Snarky”.

  • KEH

    Is happening all the time in Lake Highlands

  • Tom

    Somebody’s gotta pay for those signature bridges.

  • SBF

    @ Lee…Dallas PD, for the most part, will ONLY issue parking citations when responding to a call from a complaining citizen. If you get a “wrong way” parking ticket, you can thank your City of Dallas parking enforcement who scour the streets daily, instead suggesting other ways for Dallas PD to spend their time.

  • LocoDbag

    These Dallas Revitalisation Projects aren’t going to pay for themselves…you know!

  • I got a ticket reminder in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t recall parking near the Hard Rock Cafe on the evening of the Lady Gaga concert. Then I remembered I had loaned my car to my 16-year-old son that night. I guess he thought I wouldn’t find out.

  • You pal

    Lately? No, you mean in recent years as Robert Wilonsky pointed out in Nov. 2009.

  • amanda

    The wrong way parking tickets are bleeding into (gasp!) North Dallas…

    *it’s the single biggest threat to our community…*

    Or, not, and just a way for the DPD to drive revenue to a broke butt city.

  • Sammy

    Park your car correctly. Problem solved!

    It’s not that hard.

  • Wrong-way parking is, ultimately, an irrational pet peeve of mine, so I’m kind of glad they’re doing it. I just wish Addison police would enforce it in the Addison Circle neighborhood.

  • Patty

    They haven’t made it to Canyon Creek yet. Not only do people park the wrong way, they park 3 feet from the curb. It’s a hazard.

  • mm

    Two years ago, in NE Dallas, two people got wrong way parking tickets in front of my in-law’s house, while delivering food for my sister-in-law’s post-funeral lunch. And the cops knew it was for a funeral.

    Seems a little excessive.

  • TC

    What Sammy said. Let’s talk about why it’s illegal:

    By the vary definition of parking over there you are driving on the wrong side of the road in order to reach the parking space, and then replicating that action a second time when pulling out of the space.

    Is it really so evil that you have to park on the proper side of the street and/or turn around to reach the parking spot on the other side that you so desperately yearn for?

  • Daniel

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the fine.

    B.S. tickets. They aren’t just for people driving crappy cars anymore! (TM)

  • good

    I think it’s great. I always park my car facing the correct way on the street. It’s a law, so if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

  • BrandonS

    Taillights are more reflective than headlights and thus are easier to see. I believe this is the main reason the law is in place. Growing up on a curving street in Richardson, I can understand this law. That, and the whole wrong side of the street argument. Yeah, it sucks if you have to move your car and do a 3-point turn to make it face the right way, but it beats a broken headlight at night…or a ticket.

  • JaneM

    My husband came home one day to find City Parking Enforcement measuring with a ruler the distance from the curb to our friend’s car who was visting us in Lake Highlands. A bit much..don’t you think?

  • kay sommer

    I live in Okc, Ok on the south side of the dividing line between Edmond, Ok and Okc. Since I moved here a year and a half ago, there hasn’t been a day go by that my east side neighbor hasn’t had at least 2 and sometimes 3-4 vehicles parked, mainly in front of my house, and going the wrong way. Who can I complain to?