Uptown Burglar Wears Evidence to Police Interrogation

Love this little story Dallas Morning News reporter Scott Goldstein tells about how police busted the guy who burglarized his Uptown apartment, even before anyone knew that the apartment had been burgled. After finding Goldstein’s laptop in the suspect’s bag, Officer Keith Coates called him:

I met him at my apartment. I checked around to make sure nothing else of great value had been taken. I also chatted a bit with Coates about my background, including the fact that I moved to Dallas after graduating from the University of Maryland.

Next, I headed to the Central Patrol Division to meet with a detective and reclaim my laptops. Minutes after I left, police called me again. They wanted me to check my apartment again to see if any clothes were missing. I asked why.

The suspect, they told me, was in the police interview room wearing my University of Maryland T-shirt. With that kind of evidence, I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that the convicted felon provided a written confession to the burglary.


  • Luzer

    Do you live close to a bus stop?

  • holden

    any idea on which apt in Uptown? seems strange that this guy would kick in the door to one of what, thousands of other doors in Uptown?

  • mm

    That reminds me of a high school basketball story. I had my basketball stuff stolen from my locker. My shorts were recognizable because they had an “mm” on them.

    Never did find out who did it. Until that summer, when a teammate went to a local basketball camp, and the camp photo had the perp, wearing my “mm” shorts.

    I complained to the coach, who immediately did nothing about it. Did I mention the perp was a starter?

  • Bohan

    Between this and the Katy Trail Icehouse, dude does not seem to be having a good month.