Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: April 19

I filled up my car last night. It was actually physically painful to fork over that much cash, so I apologize in advance for sending you way the heck out to Fort Worth (and if you live in Fort Worth, well, all the better).

Tonight marks the conclusion of the Modern’s Tuesday evening lecture series, and the museum has chosen to wrap things up with Brooklyn-based artist Alex Hubbard. His work (a mix of painting, found object sculpture, and video) is complicated and often a bit funny, and he’s been exhibiting steadily after completing the Whitney Independent Study program in 2003 (his pieces were included in the 2010 Whitney Biennial). And since the education department at the Modern does an excellent job of introducing us to important national and international artists while they’re on the rise, it’s definitely worth your time and gas money.

However, if you don’t feel like driving, you can still get your visual arts fix with the Jim Lambie exhibit that opened up at the Goss-Michael Foundation over the weekend. I’m in love with his signature installation, Zobop – the way he uses colorful vinyl tape to transform the floor of the gallery. It’s always different, but here’s a cool time-lapse video from a 2007 Washington DC exhibit (the one at Goss-Michael is full on neon). After that, you’re close enough to West Village to try out Malai Kitchen for dinner and drinks, then add your two cents to Sarah Reiss’ first take SideDish review.

Not feeling artsy this evening? For more things to do tonight, go here.


  • JS

    Lots of great youth soccer going on in Dallas this week. The Dallas Cup Super Group game schedule (including Arsenal and FC Barcelona) is at
    Other games are being played at the Pizza Hut Park complex and at Richland College. Admittance to games other than Super Group games is free.