Speaking of Having Babies and Taking Time Off

Richie Whitt isn’t the only person around here who doesn’t understand what it takes to be a good parent. James Nowlin is trying to unseat Councilwoman Angela Hunt in District 14. Good luck with that. Nowlin recently sent out a campaign mailer that says, in part:

Dallas can’t afford two more years of Hunt! DID YOU KNOW??? Your current councilmember was late or absent at 80% of Council meetings, missing 189 votes in the past term.

Let’s see here. Why would Hunt have missed 189 votes? Oh, right. SHE HAD A BABY. Hunt took five weeks off — you know, because she’s a total slacker, like Colby Lewis. One more thing: the Council votes on items every other Wednesday. During each voting session, the Council might tackle upwards of 100 items, which means that those 189 votes that Hunt missed equates to about two weeks of missed work.


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  • Bizarro Big Tex

    Someone needs a bitch slap. Yes, I am looking at you, Mr. Nowlin.

  • Glenn Hunter

    What about the being late or absent at 80% of council meetings part?

  • District14Voter

    Actually, if the media would do some research, these statistics exclude her family leave. Additionally, the tardiness, absenteeism, and missed votes are equally (if not more so) bad long before and after her family leave. It’s embarrassing to have folks crying foul when the baby has NOTHING to do with the numbers, it’s ALL ABOUT Hunt’s work ethic, or lack thereof! The district deserves better!

  • @District14Voter: Hi, James!

  • WorkingMom

    As a working mother with 2 young kids, I am appalled that someone would use their children as an excuse. The numbers are obviously so beyond acceptable at my workplace that I would have been fired a long time ago. Shame on Ms. Hunt and you for using her baby as an excuse for what appears to be blatant laziness and irresponsiblity.

  • Staying away from Dallas City Council meetings indicates a pure sanity not often seen at city hall. Seriously, who in his or her right mind would want to go to those meetings? If council meetings were exciting, they’d be on WBAP or The Fan instead of WRR.

  • @WorkingMom: James, that comment came from the same odd IP address that brought us your District14Voter comment.

    Step up your game.

  • Daniel

    I got a mailer that said, in part

    James Nowlin is a douche helmet

    which I thought was unfair and, frankly, unseemly. Saying James Nowlin is a douche monkey, or Candidate Nowlin is a first-class douche basket, or even showing his picture on TV with a soundtrack of Phil Collins singing Douche-Douche-Douch-io is no way to get me to vote for Angela Hunt. It’s her careful research on the issues, her willingness to roll up her sleeves and work for her constituents, and her refusal to be cowed by powerful business interests that will make me vote for her.

  • downtownist

    @Daniel FTW.

  • downtownist

    @Daniel – On second thought, it’s a pretty tough choice. James Nowlin smells of broken dreams. On the other hand, Angela Hunt is a lady, so it’s logical to conclude that it makes her head hurt to think of anything other than babies, baking, and things that are pink and/or sparkly. I call it a draw. I’ll probably write in Michael Vick as my choice.

  • JL

    @Tim Rogers – Just because two posts came from the same IP address does not mean that IP address is that of James Nowlin. Also, whether District14Voter is James, or some guy in the basement of the city hall… if the facts are right, that is all that matters. Are the right?

  • JL

    Also… (@Tim Rogers) what is the point of moderating comments if you are going to let one through calling a candidate a “douche”. Grow up!

  • maybe district14voter is in a domestic partnership with nowlin and they trade off sharing the computer? or maybe the library is really busy today and there’s only one computer available? either way, googling “hide your IP address” might be a step in the right direction. just trying to be service-y.

  • A.D.

    I’ll bet if we all pool together our money, we can pay for Tim to run a WhoIs search on the IP addresses of District14Voter/WorkingMom/JL and discover they all originated from the closest public libary to James Nowlin’s house.

  • Eric Celeste

    Glenn: Angela is late to most meetings. She spends those early morning (mostly ceremonial) minutes meeting with constituents, neighborhood groups, etc. For example, last week when session started she was talking to representatives from Uptown about development initiatives there, so since she was not in her seat (Leppert rule), she was marked late. Another technically accurate but silly charge by her opponent.

    Full disclosure: I’m doing work for Angela’s campaign.

  • AlsoDistrict14

    Can someone please tell me exactly what Angela Hunt has done for District 14 that is so great?

    Personally, fighting the Mayor, etc on the Trinity, Convention Center Hotel, etc. does not count.

    Aside from the Lower Greenville PD (which I hear isn’t that well received in the business community anyway), what has she done that actually has benefitted her district?

    I’m not saying James Nowlin would be that great either, but seriously, the love fest for Angela gets a little out of control sometimes.

  • Glenn Hunter

    Thanks, Eric. Makes sense.

  • Daniel


    That’s what I was like when I got the mailer I was like grow up let’s make tnis about like the facts and stuff let’s be mature. At all events, there are no douchey candidates, only douchey direct-mail pieces. We’ve seen two examples right here.

  • cbs

    When all the chirping back and forth is done, could someone actually report facts? Where is Wick to reign this place in?

    I tend to like Ms. Hunt as she seems genuinely interested in serving her community, but repeatedly (allegedly) failing to attend and vote for any reason seems problematic.

    Don’t know item 1 about James Nowlin (or his IP address), but it is odd that instead of answering his purported factual claims, we are misdirected to dismiss him as agenda driven. I call it being Schutzed.

  • RAB


    Hypothetical: if you worked for Nowlins, how would you characterize Angela’s chronic tardiness and missed votes? (I just want to see how good you are in case I decide to hire you.)

  • Eric Celeste


    Not comprehensive, but here are a few:

    Angela organized the first citywide graffiti cleanup. She was instrumental in the creation of Dallas’ Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay, which gives residents in established areas greater input into the size of new homes constructed in their neighborhoods. She created the Arts District Strategic Planning Council, which developed a new master plan for the Arts District and created a permanent oversight organization. She championed the first housing development in downtown to include single-room occupancy units for the homeless — a key component in Dallas’ 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness. She’s led the charge on the Council to make Dallas more pedestrian- and bike-friendly. She has worked to get vicious dogs off the streets. She led the way in creating the gas-drilling task force. And other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting.

  • RAB

    Okay, you are good (despite stealing my “chronic”).

  • PR

    Eric Celeste is the Dirk Nowitzki of Dallas politics. I see you big German! I see you!

  • Hoyle’s Mom

    PR – jeebus, get some sleep.