Speaking of Having Babies and Taking Time Off

Richie Whitt isn’t the only person around here who doesn’t understand what it takes to be a good parent. James Nowlin is trying to unseat Councilwoman Angela Hunt in District 14. Good luck with that. Nowlin recently sent out a campaign mailer that says, in part:

Dallas can’t afford two more years of Hunt! DID YOU KNOW??? Your current councilmember was late or absent at 80% of Council meetings, missing 189 votes in the past term.

Let’s see here. Why would Hunt have missed 189 votes? Oh, right. SHE HAD A BABY. Hunt took five weeks off — you know, because she’s a total slacker, like Colby Lewis. One more thing: the Council votes on items every other Wednesday. During each voting session, the Council might tackle upwards of 100 items, which means that those 189 votes that Hunt missed equates to about two weeks of missed work.