Shouldn’t Tom Leppert Have More Twitter Followers Than Me, @zaccrain?

I mean, he is running for Senate, after all, and I am just being me. Bearded and debonair and, yes, somewhat awkward, but just me. And yet, as of press/me pushing “publish” time, SCOREBOARD:

Mayor of Handtown — 1,206

Zac Crain — 1,538

Step it up, T-Lep.


  • UPDATE: I’m now at 1,540. Feel the wrath of my afterburners, Janitor’s Son.

  • Ahem. I’m at 1,597. Take THAT, Zac Crain. Scoreboard!

  • Blake

    Better double-check that count, Zac. You have a history. Ahem.

    • @Blake: EXTREMELY well played. God bless you.

  • I’ve now got 1,598.

  • for the record, blake is up to 4 followers himself.

    watch out!

  • Oh no. Back down to 1,539. Once again, I’ve flown too close to the sun.

  • i know of a way to propel you back up to 1,540 – though, it involves pushing blake up to 5, so you may not be interested