Kim Fischer’s Pole-Dancing Photo Is Pulled

Kim Fischer
Kim Fischer

Uncle Barky removed a Friday post about KXAS-NBC reporter Kim Fischer’s Facebook photos shot by photographer Bob Manzano. Seems Bob threatened a lawsuit and Uncle Barky (aka Ed Bark) decided it wasn’t worth the aggravation.

One photo had Kim “simulating a pole dance.” The other one had something to do with her appearing to be passed out next to a plate of leftover cake.

Uncle Barky reports that Manzano writes on his myspace page —

“In my opinion, there is nother more beautiful than to see a woman walking across the house wearing nothing but her birthday suit being her natural self — walking ART. I admire women who wear sexy and sensual clothing when in public, and we men need to admire it as walking art and stop eye salivating them.”

(The photo on the right was taken last June at the Paws in the City’s “Top Hat & Tails“. . . and not by Manzano.)

UPDATE: Just saw the “infamous” pole-dancing photo and it ain’t what was promised. It was just Kim and KDFW’s Fiona Gorostiza standing next to a pole. No dirty dancing, no girls gone wild, just two cute fully clothed girls standing there.

Did some investigating about Kim’s being passed out next to a plate of leftover cake. Again, it wasn’t what was suggested. An eyewitness to the photo admitted that it was posed as a joke.

So, shelve the fantasy about a wild and naughty Kim Fischer. It’s nothing more than photo cropping and wishful thinking.


  • JonnyDallas

    Well those pictures are now newsworthy. So….uh….you outta publish them on Frontburner!

    Also…how does the Google cache thing work again? You know, the one where you can pull up items that were once posted to the internet but have since been removed.

  • JonnyDallas

    Found it!

    or Google this “From the Kim Fischer knows how to have fun files . . .”

  • brett

    that qualifies for a “simulated pole dance”?

    Apparently Uncle Barky hasn’t visited one of Dallas’ fine establishments.

  • Did they pull them before or after the Russ Martin Show replayed the January episode where they talked about them this morning?

    Because the coincidence is remarkable. (but saves me from looking for them later today.)

  • Amy S

    I fail to understand the scandal of the two photos. Both look posed, it’s hardly like she was throwing back a bottle of tequila. And she was awesome dancing at the Paws in the City fund raiser. Great dancer, no pole needed.

  • mzchief

    Other than Bob Manzano claiming to have taken the photos of Kim Fischer is there any evidence that Bob Manzano, did in fact, take the photos?

    I’ve seen the photos, in question, they really aren’t that spectacular or very complementary of Kim Fischer. If Bob Manzano did, in fact, take the photos, Kim Fischer really should be looking for a new photographer.

  • Adamundo

    No matter the situation, Kim is on of the DFW area’s darlings. I’m just happy that she hasn’t been carted away to join Megan Henderson on the west coast. Let’s enjoy Eppy while we can!!!

  • Miss A

    Blogger is ridiculous!! He cropped the “pole dancing” photo that had someone else in it to take it out of context. The cake photo was a “cake comba”…merely a joke after eating so much birthday cake. Kim is a wonderful woman and it angers me that people go out of their way to speak porrly of people

  • A2mitch

    AWESOME Update!

    It’s a relief to see ethical journalistic integrity may still be alive…

    Technology is an amazing and useful tool however words published online leave a trail that should not be taken lightly, a bit of due diligence, investigative journalism or at the least a phone call would’ve eliminated the deplorable misrepresentation of facts.

    Blogs seem to lack the ethical journalistic integrity of printed news copy…