‘God Loves My Politicized Religion’ Seminar

Perkins School of Theology will host a seminar on April 12 at Perkins Chapel on the topic, “God Loves Diversity & Justice.” Here are the self-descriptions of the panelists:

“A Human and Feminist from Gaza, Palestine”
“A Jewish Prophet”
“An Exilic Chinese-American”
“A White American Working-Class Feminist”
“A Feminist Muslim Lawyer”
“A Transethnic Korean-American Feminist Theologian”
“A Progressive White Male German-American Theologian”
“An African American Communications Professor”
“A Jewish Russian-American-Israeli Hebrew Bible Scholar”

This seems to me to be a quite restricted representation of diversity, and I am sure FrontBurnervians will have other perspectives to recommend to Perkins for inclusion. For those interested in attending, the seminar details are here.


  • Neal

    I am a polygamous meat-eating Cambodian SUV driver who wears fur and won’t recycle.

  • How about Mulatto Theologian closet cases?

  • The Honorable Steve

    It’s about time Christians realized that there are humans in Gaza.

  • Luzer

    “A gay atheistic near sighted islamic grease recycling owner”

  • While you are there at SMU you might as well as do something good for your soul.

    Visit us at the http://wwww.eandhweek.org


    Now if you want to see how the cake is made, come by this week.

  • Eric

    What, no dyslexic agnostics who wonder if there really is a Dog?

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Barnaby Jones

    I am a monkey.

  • They totally left me out!
    Black, Irish, French, Southern Baptist, Atheist.

  • B. L. Powell

    Yet another example of why SMU really is “Sometimes Methodist University.”