Crazy Long-Toed Mexican Boots Invented in Dallas?

An alert FrontBurnervian points us to the video below. Stop whatever you’re doing, and watch it right now. Seriously. And then realize that a Mexico City DJ in the video says that he first saw these crazy boots in Dallas, at Far West.


  • JonnyDallas

    I started seeing guys wearing those boots in the 7-11 by the spillway about 2 years ago.

    I thought at the time, “Well that makes sense. Youth, machismo, tradition, innovation and fashion all coming together in a nightclub.” I suppose it’s not the first time.

    My question is: How do you drive your truck while wearing those boots? Especially in all the traffic around Far West on weekends.

  • J-No

    If he didn’t have it printed on his hat, I would have thought this was totally made up.

  • JB

    Regular pointed boots used to be called “Roach Killers” so you could kill a roach in a corner, I guess these are called “fly swatters?”

  • Fawcett

    Must be a joke….HAS to be a joke.

  • mhassett03

    ‘Crazy Long-Toed Mexican Boots’ sounds like a bedtime finishing move.

  • Stephen

    It’s a culture…check out The style of music, trival, (Tribal) did come from Dallas. There are a dozen or so huge clubs in the area, both straight and gay that cater to that culture.

  • Unclever Pseudonym

    My life would be much less rich or informed if I didn’t come to FrontBurner occasionally. Amazing.

  • Du-Oh

    Just looks like the DB’s in Uptown and West Village on a Saturday night. All that’s missing are the tattoo style “Ed Hardy” t-shirts.

  • Hank

    These are styled like the shoes worn by the Russian band that does Sweet Home Alabama, with the russian Army Mens Choir

  • wtf

    someone tell santa that someone in texas stole his elves shoes!