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Best of Big D

You Haven’t Voted in the Best of Big D Readers’ Choice: Food and Drink Poll?

By Jason Heid |

blog_postWell then, you’re the only one. Thousands upon thousands of ballots have been cast so far, and there’s still more than a week to go in this first round of our annual Readers’ Choice poll. You can vote up to once an hour through March 13.

Remember that you don’t even need a full-fledged computer to do it. Just wake up on Saturday morning, reach for your smartphone on the nightstand, and vote from the comfort of your own bed. Then fall asleep again for an hour and do it all over again, if you like.

The vote tallies remain close enough that any of our nominees still has a chance to come out on top, if their supporters will turn out in force. Even some of the write-in candidates are polling well.

So keep the votes coming.