The Tomato Pizza (Formerly of Denton’s Fry Street) to Reopen in Sanger

In the February issue of the “print product,” I wrote about the much-beloved Tomato pizza place in Denton, and attempts to bring it back to Fry Street, where it had stood as a pillar of the community for more than 20 years before developers came in and razed it and the surrounding buildings a few years ago.

Just heard that there are plans to bring the Tomato back to life in Sanger, a small town north of Denton where Tomato owners Becky and “Ski” Slusarski live. Here’s hoping it’s just the first step in a relaunch, that they’re wildly successful in Sanger, and that they’ll be able to open a second location back on Fry Street when that development finally stands.


  • Wes

    It actually was not razed. It was scheduled to be demolished but burned down before the scheduled date of this project. A small thing and the ends are the same, but important to the time line of it’s life.

  • Kwin

    The Tomato is scheduled to re-open Friday the 13th, i.e. the anniversary of its close.

  • Yes, the Tomato Pizza has indeed opened in Sanger, Texas. Unfortunately, it does not do justice to it’s Fry Street predecessor. The food is okay – nothing to write home about – but unfortunately the customer service and “personality” the Tomato was known for died in the fire. I wrote a review on my blog, for anyone interested in reading it: