The Dallas Must-Do List: Sam Moon Shopping

Courtney found a place to camp out for awhile.

Moving right along, I’ve now done 5 of the Things Every Dallasite Must Do. The next item on my list: Mix it up at Sam Moon.

Sam Moon is no joking matter. I know I’ve heard people talk about how big it is and how much stuff it has to offer, but – WOW – even I was impressed. Being an avid shopper at Forever 21 stores all across the area, I thought I was going to be prepared for the hectic, jam-packed ways of Sam Moon. I was wrong.

The store’s flagship location in Dallas has purses, earrings, necklaces, rings, luggage, and as if that weren’t enough, an entire section on faux hair. A security guard sits at the front and monitors what seems like thousands of women packing the inside of this mega store.

Although a little overpowering at first glance, the store is actually (somewhat) organized by large hanging signs clarifying what section you are in. It’s easy to get confused when first walking in, but after the initial anxiety wears off, it’s really not too bad.

A crucial part of the Sam Moon shopping experience is maneuvering – not just around the merchandise, but also the crowds of people in the store. The busiest day to shop at Sam Moon is, no doubt, Saturday. I visited the store on Friday afternoon due to my obligations at my part time job (which I need because interning at D Magazine is un-paid <cough, cough>).  Nevertheless, the crowd was still in attendance, and the merchandise was still in full force.

Surprisingly, I had enough self control to not purchase anything and just observe the overall ambiance of the monstrosity that is Sam Moon. The thing I love most about Sam Moon is no matter how popular it gets or how much publicity surrounds it, the prices are still affordable. This truly is a dream store for anyone looking for jewelry, purses or an excuse to shop ‘til you drop on any given weekday or weekend.

Courtney Foreman is a D Magazine intern working her way through the Dallas Must-Do List. Read about her previous adventure at Babe’s in Roanoke.

A seemingly endless stream of aisles awaits.


  • BigJonDaniel

    Dear Courtney,

    1) Sam Moon isn’t open on Sunday. Never has been, as I recall.

    2) I’ve heard of several areas being called “tri-state. Texas isn’t ever in any of them.

    3) Did you really just cop to being confused by the lay out of a retail store?

    4) When are you going to hire a day laborer?

  • marisa

    Sam Moons’ is not just confusing….it is a shoppers worst nightmare. The prices may be OK but that is not near enough to get me to go back.

  • @BigJonDaniel:

    1) You are correct, Sam Moon isn’t open on Sunday. We fixed the copy.
    2) Thanks for picking up on the “tri-state” comment. Once again, great catch.
    3) First of all, it’s “layout” not “lay out.” Second, yes I was a little confused by the layout of the store. I’m sorry I’m not as familiar with a massive jewelry and handbag store like you are, BigJonDaniel.

  • what

    How much did Sam Moon pay to get on this list? And did that fee include a glowing write-up from a ditzy, out-of-state intern? Or is that extra?
    Yes, Dallas is a wonderful place to shop. We have unique stores and a shopping mall where people stroll past museum-quality art.
    Sam Moon just offers cheap crap from China. People can buy that anywhere, including wherever the confused intern calls home. (My guess is Ohio. Yes?)

  • Rebecca

    Geez, I remember going into Sam Moon for the first time and being completely overwhelmed. And it can be confusing, so I’ll back you up on that one!…maybe Jon over here has just never been and doesn’t know what he is talking about. There’s so much stuff in there that no matter how many employees are working, it always looks like chaos. BUT, I like to go…the craziness is almost part of the shopping experience. I like your articles Courtney!

  • Ali

    I have been to SM aka my own personal hell twice in 15 yrs of living in Dallas. It’s confusing no matter where you are from and your first visit is very overwhelming. I bought one thing in each visit. I agree it’s all cheap stuff and not really worth the battle for a parking spot or long lines.

  • OneArtDirector

    My mom always buy me their crap. I always tell her to take it back. It’s a favorite shopping destination for her and my SIL when SIL is in town. While I love them both, I refuse to go shopping with them because they always include Sam Moon as one of their stops.


  • OneArtDirector

    *buys* not buy

  • CollinBabs

    It’s crap. This article is as well. Go back and write “what I am going to do on my summer vacation” 15 times on the blackboard in cursive.

  • Carolyne

    You can buy the Sam Moon merchandise anywhere now. Forever 21, etc…

    It’s not that great anymore. Prices have definitely gone up in the last few years.

  • Missy

    Go to Dollar Jewelry Galore behind the Happy Meal McDonalds off 635. Same cheap stuff as Sam Moon. But it’s all ONLY A DOLLAR. Love it. Sam Moon is over priced and over hyped.

  • Luzer

    Courtney, is winning…

  • People, people! Really! all of these comments smack of jealousy to me. Sam Moon is run by some of the nicest, most honest people I know. I know this because I am a vendor who sells to their Luggage and Gifts Store next door. The way they are able to keep prices low is because they don’t mark items up very much like other stores do. They sell based on volume. They have always been nothing but nice and polite to me, they pay their bills on time, and they don’t ask for special treatment. Please get your facts straight before you knock a well-run, honest store like Sam Moon.

  • Patty

    I have no issue shopping at Sam Moon. I get there early, get in and get out. But I consider myself to be a professional shopper. I don’t go in and wonder about. I am on a mission and that mission is to spend a little money on jewelry or a handbag that I won’t cry if I lose or someone spills coffee on.

  • ernest t bass

    D Magazine selects an out of state intern? An out of area intern selection is absurd.

    D Magazine can’t throw $10/hour at the kids? Says alot about D management.

    Feel free to identify punctuation and usage errors. There’s low hanging fruit for ya.

  • jane

    I go to ‘Sam Moon’ and to ‘OM’ down the street. Purses, jewelery, scarves…I don’t find it confusing. It’s a fun side trip if I’m bored.
    A few years ago the security guard followed me out to the parking lot. I was freaking out. I don’t steal. But no, he gave me his phone number in front of my teen daughter and sister. The smirking and snark on the way home was unbearable. Now when I go with said sister and daughter I get teased and it’s actually funny now, adding to the fun of crazed women and bored, stunned husband’s.

  • OneArtDirector

    Sue, I’m sure they are very nice people and I have no doubt their store is run well. No one is saying they aren’t nice and I doubt jealousy is in play here.

    I simply consider their products to be inferior in quality. No matter how nice someone is, I’m still not buying products from them if I view the quality as being crappy.

    Maybe it just comes down to a difference in taste. (Sorry, Mom)

  • jersey

    I have a necklace from Sam Moon that I bought probably 8 years ago for $7 that I get compliments on EVERY time I wear it.

  • Jax

    Went to Sam Moons the other day for the first time in over 3 years. What a disappointment.
    Their prices went up considerably. They used to sell jewelry by the pack/bag(several items usually 5-10 to a bag) for one low price of under $8. Not anymore.
    Everything is individually bagged and or priced and typically that price is over $4.00+ for earrings and $6.00+ for necklaces.
    I can go to any store, look for sales and walk away with NICER marked down designer earrings and necklaces for under what i saw it for at Sam Moons.
    Today i purchased several beautiful designer Necklaces for about $3-5.00 each. Marked down from $28.00.(Burkes Outlet at Allen Outlet Mall (off stacy road).
    Yesterday–I purchased several earrings for $2.00-5.00 at Macy’s during their 50-70% off (already marked down prices)fashion jewelry blow out sale. Earrings that were marked down from original prices of $20.00.
    Not all the jewelry was “made in China” either.
    Like the other posters’ stated–
    I am DONE with Sam Moon as well.
    Oh-by the way-they’re not all that “nice” either. At least i’ve never been treated “nice” by any of the ladies behind the register. They are actually a bit on the rude side.

  • prissy

    Well my experience went pretty good, its like this,everything is priced fairly for what u get..come on cheap skates…you get what you paid for…i dont expect their jewelry to last a life time anyway…you’re suppose to update your style every year anyway!!!!

  • Susie

    Sam Moon is one of the craziest, most fun I’ve had shopping in a long time. When I am in the metroplex area I always stop. There is a relatively new store in Frisco now. Anyway, I purchased a faux tourquoise necklace with earrings from a trending, upscalre catalog store. I saw the same thing at Sam Moon for $6.99! I had paid $19.99. I did a lot of Christmas shopping at their online store: If you have a teenager or young adult who HAS to have the latest style in purse, point them to this site and they’ll have a ball.

    Bottom line, why all the negativity? Lighten up, have fun! Happy Spring!