Perry No Fan of Anonymous Commenting

The DMN‘s Tom Benning links to a fascinating encounter a former Star-Telegram reporter had recently with Gov. Rick Perry–on an Austin physical therapy table. Among other revelations the guv made to Kevin Lyons: Perry wishes “anonymous comments” weren’t allowed at the end of online newspaper stories. Anonymous commenters, start your engines …


  • Top Cat

    I’m with him on that one.

  • Vseslav Botkin

    Hear, hear!

  • Anonymous

    “weren’t allowed”

    “Weren’t allowed” by whose authority, Governor?

  • Anonymous

    Adios, Mo Fo.

  • Senor


  • Luzer

    But, i’m not anonymous…I really am a luzer.

  • Vseslav Botkin

    I also feel that people should not be allowed to comment anonymously in the public sphere. “Hello, I am professor Vseslav Botkin and I believe your outdated sport coat makes you look quite the fool.”

  • PR

    You want to drive a politician nuts? Write about him on a blog. 90% of them read the comments even though less than 1% of the voting population will read the comments and less than .0000001% actually provided comment, many of them paid bloggers. Yet, to a politician, this is what “evvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyooooonnnneeeee” is saying about them.

  • The only thing I learned is that Perry likes to have a lower back massage. So do I. We both have that in common.

  • Jb

    Perhaps its nitpicking to some, but it sounds like from the article that Perry was getting care at his chiropractic doctor. Its pretty well known in Austin that the Guv is a fan. I only mention it out of pure annoyance as there appears to be no category for “best chiropractor” in the in the D mag Best Doctors issue. 😉

  • John M

    It’s funny because I stopped reading the comments on the DMN website because it was ful of conservative talking points that appeared to be poorly understood by the posters filtered downs through conservative talk radio and Fox New, that were often repugnant, walking a thin line at best of xeno-phobia, racism, homophobia and religiously based bigotry and showed a complete lack of understanding of the functions and responsibility of our state and federal government, fiscal or environmental responsibility or a middle school level of understanding of our constitution and a disturbingly overly simplistic understanding of economics wrapped up smug sense of superiority of their patriotism.

    You know, basically like listening or reading anything that Rick Perry says.

  • John M. I couldn’t agree more. The DMN is a Rick Perry mouthpiece. A tool’s tool if you will.

  • toby

    vroom, vroom!